Friday, July 06, 2012

FAN BOY DREAMIN': Daredevil VS Psylocke In AvX VS #4 Preview

What's cooler then peanut butter and jam sandwiches - yip, even with the crusts off? When two of your top characters (who rarely meet despite sharing plenty of common ground), finally throwdown.

Case in point; AvX: VS #4 sees Daredevil go into bat for the Avengers team, taking on Psylocke, a lady who is not only the X-Men's telepathic ninja, she once also held a high status as an assassin of the Hand, just like DD's former flame Elektra.

While Hornhead's Shadowland suffered without Betsy, Avengers vs X-Men won't share that fate. Now the good folks at Newsarama have posted two of the clash's Rick Remender written pages, with unbelievable in game pencils by Brandon Peterson. Drool over this;

Yip, definitely cooler than a pair of PB&J's! To see the full preview inc Thor vs the Phoenix Force's Emma Frost, click here. Now someone get Brandon on a Daredevil monthly will ya' (and give Psylocke one to)!


  1. Whilst I've been perusing AvX and wondering what on earth DD's doing mixed up in the whole shebang, I must concede that that's actually a pretty good combo (powers wise) though Betsy should really kick Matt's ass.

  2. Yeah Daredevil isn't to me Avengers material either Robert, but as you can tell, I love the thought of this showdown.

    As for who should win, I'm hoping Matt, but who can really get one up on a ninja trained telepath?