Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HALT - OR THERE WILL BE TROUBLE! New Viral RoboCop Movie Site Launches

Any minute now the higher power who answers my prayers (or their favourite P.A.) is going to message back saying 'Hi Dan, love the website, but please stop messaging us, requesting we ensure the RoboCop remake is quality, because we get the point'. In fact that might be them emailing now... nope, just spam.

The original RoboCop film is one of my all-time best. As we step closer towards the August 9, 2013 release of its inevitable remake, my nervousness factor creeps up a notch. Now a new viral site serving as a base for the films Omnicorp conglomeration has debuted, complete with a few teases of it's technological arsenal and the modern RoboCop armour. All inclusive in this handy promotional video.

To visit the Omnicorp website for yourself, click here.


  1. Sweet trailer. And yes Robocop is a childhood favorite of mine too. I remember the 1st time I watched it, and was blown alone by the amount of violence and gore, not too mention how adult it all really seemed! Of course as I've gotten older, I can also appreciate the undertones and underlying messages of the films. Man vs. Machine, Man vs. man, just timeless themes all wrapped up in a very entertaining movie.

  2. as someone who also loves Robocop i just wanted to give you all a heads up on some other cool Robocop related stuff. Hugh Lowery from the show House is going to play Dick Jones. on Youtube there's a bunch of behind the scenes videos of the making of the original Robocop movie. it's really a lot of fun watching all the actors talk about the production process. among other great moments you'll see Kurtwood Smith (Clarence) do an impersonation of the director Paul Verhoeven. my dad and i were really getting a kick out of watching all those vids last week on my computer he really loves Robocop to and also happens to be a big House fan.

    "Bitches leave"

  3. by the way Dan i'm the higher power that will answer you prayers. good job on this It's a Dave's World Blog. thanks for the ROM related info. in case you didn't get that email. i certainly had a thing or two to say about that heads up.

  4. That is so freakin' sweet, Dan. What I find amazing is that some of the techno stuff that seemed so far off in the original seems not so improbable now. Like the drones. Gives me a few goosebumps.
    @Dale, the gore was probably what grabbed me first when I watched it as a kid, mostly because it's why my mother wouldn't allow me to watch it at first. I still remember the first time I saw the guy get eaten by acid and then splattered by the car. Still one of the more stomach churning moments of my childhood. And "Murphy, I'm a mess" is still one of my all time favorite lines that I use to this day. For everything. But upon repeated viewing it was always Murphy and how he was struggling to still be human, and how Anne was helping him towards that that really gripped me. I was always on the edge of my seat yelling at the bad guys..."No! He's not a freaking Robot! He's Murphy! And he can still kick your asses!" (Well, I probably didn't use the "a" word, cause mom and dad would have killed me, but I thought it.)
    Thanks for the heads up Dave, and Dan. You guys rock.

  5. Hey guys! glad you all liked it and thanks for sharing all those great memories!

    For me Rc was awesome because he was a cyborg with oneliners better than arnie who fought to be who he was not what he was told to be. therees a theme for you Dave!

    When my voice grew deep girls in school would always want me to say something cool with it. I used to say either 'halt. put down your weapons or there will bee trouble' or 'dead or alive you're coming with me' and they'd go nuts. It was cheap thrills.

    As for gore, the dudes hand got blown off! The main dude! Nowadays its the inbetween commercials I get the point of most and its good to see they're staying by the looks. I eonder if that influenced Frank Millers Tv spots in Dark Knight Returns?

    Awesome that RC is something you can share with your dad Dave. and I'll be sure to check the ROM blog as soon as I get home from work.

  6. so Dan you have a deep voice? i wouldn't have guessed that although i never assumed you talked like David Beckham. as for today's posting you mostly know about it all already cause i've been bitching about it all year so far but the new fan art i found is really cool make sure to magnify it.
    ROM never really did the one liner thing but i never the less did pay tribute to RC in my 2nd ROM video with the opening lines "part man . . part machine . . all spaceknight". in fact i remember you having a posting of the RC movie poster which i left one of my very first comments on ever for this blog cause i used to have the same poster when in my teens. dude, i've got this idea for a ROM vs Robocop fan art piece but i gotta sit my arse down and focus to get it done. crickey! so many ideas so little bleedn time! but i'll tell ya what i got just the perfect posting title for that one already!

  7. I know what you mean Shlomo Dave! Time just gets less and less in so many ways. Look forward to seeing your fanart mr!