Thursday, July 12, 2012

LEST WE FORGET: The Black Knight Rises

Despite having a first class ticket to ride, some of comics best miss the train and often get left to aimlessly wonder the platform, all but forgotten. In Lest We Forget, I pluck a limbo-lingerer's need for a comeback. Today, it's Marvel's Dane Whitman aka The Black Knight.

Sure The Dark Knight Rises may be getting all the press at the moment, but while Marvel's Avengers are still team creme of the crop it's the perfect time to polish up the man that was at their core for so much of the 90's, The Black Knight.

WHY HE IS COOL: Medieval Magic Meets Modern Day Might
Dane has everything it takes to be a standout character. He has a twisted lineage of former Black Knights (including his villianous uncle Nathan Garrett), all the way back to the reign of King Arthur, the 'everyman never-give-up' perspective and he's served on pretty much every Marvel team ever, meaning his adventures can take him anywhere - even the Ultraverse (hint, hint)! Plus he often rides a flying horse - what's cooler than that?

Proving ladies are suckers for a dude with a decent sword, Dane has never being shy of attention from the opposite sex. During the 90's, in Captain America's absence, Dane fell into a pseudo-command position within Earth's Mightiest. Stuck in a love square situation, Dane balanced the direction of the team, his evil alternate universe duplicate Proctor's actions and the affections of both Proctor's prey, Sersi and Quicksilver's then wife Crystal! 

While his primary weapon, the Ebony Blade has often proved cursed in regards to drawing blood and it's effect on it's wielders sanity, Dane's strategic mind and sharp fighting skills have seen him tackle everyone from Apocalypse to Dracula himself. Did I mention his flying horse?

HOW I’D KEEP THE BLACK KNIGHT FROM BECOMING HISTORY: Easy - if MI:13 isn't getting a revival or Excalibur, get him back in The Avengers! Dane is the guy who not only took out Exodus (who?), but also the Avenger that actually took down the Kree Supreme Intelligence in Operation: Galactic Storm. If things in The Avengers are truly going to get cosmic, you want that kind of guy at your side, especially if the Kree decide to dig up old grudges...


  1. BK is one of my favourite Avengers of the 80s and 90s alongside Captain (Monica) Marvel.

  2. Okay! You're a good seller! I'd buy!

  3. The Harras/Epting era of Avengers was the one I really grew up on myself. Sure I'd read earlier issues of the Avengers and all, but it was in this era that I'd become a regular reader and fan. Sure they were better eras and all, but this one was pretty good for its time. Who didn't enjoy the BK/Sersi/Crytsal/Quicksilver love rectangle? Stuff like that is an Avengers tradition!

    Yeah I agree BK has gotten the shaft lately from a lot, if not most of the writers in the MU. Idk why since, as Dan's pointed out, he's been on almost every team out there, like MI-6, Heroes for Hire, Ultraforce, and The Avengers. Hell, wasn't he even w/the Defenders for a quick minute? Anyways, he needs to make a comeback, and what better way to do that then by including him in the new Marvel NOW Initiative.

    I'd also like to see a better sculpted Marvel Legends figure of him as well, because I did not like his previous one. Ugh!

  4. hey Dan, how ironic that you have this posting in light of my recent 1 dollar been find from yesterday. you'll have to wait a bit longer to see what i mean cuz first up will be my ultimate ROM/Robocop posting a little later today. you might even be out of bed by then :)

  5. Wow thanks folks! I thought I was a bit of a one hand clapping when it came to the Black Knight!

    Dougie, I'm exactly the same it was Dane and Monica for me all the way as far as the East Coasters were concerned. She Hulk came pretty close too.

    Dale he sure was on the Defenders too, he's pretty much been all over the show. Heck he was even on the original roster for the Heroes Reborn Avengers, though I don't know if that's a plus or a minus ;)

    Look forward to seeing what you come up with Dave!