Saturday, July 14, 2012

LIFE SWAP: Sandman Does A Star Wars, As Star Wars Does A Sandman

Short of money? Simple solution; stand in the centre of Hollywood and say "I'm doing a prequel". People will then hand you so much cash, you'll need a dump truck to bank it all.

Now at Comic Con 2012, the folks at Vertigo have decided to get in on the genre Star Wars made infamous, by creating a prequel to the book people have been wanting more of since before it even stopped, Neil Gaiman's Sandman. While they announced that, Dark Horse detailed their plans to give the former Sandman ongoing a run for it's money, by adding a monthly to their mini-series based Star Wars range of titles. First though, Neil himself on the Sandman prequel;

Me, I can't wait to see artist J.H. Williams III's interior pages for this project. If anything like his Batwoman work, we're all in for a treat. 

As for Dark Horse's ongoing Star Wars series, look for Conan and Ultimate X-Men writer Brian Wood to script the January 2013 debuting series, with interiors by IADW Making A Mark artist Carlos d'Anda. Set just after A New Hope, Wood told CBR he'll reveal just how the Emperor handled Vader letting the Jedi destroy the Death Star, with Alex Ross on covers. In fact, here's one right here.

Worth the price of admission alone I'd say.


  1. So, does a Sandman prequel have carte blanche to operate in 1986-2006 version of DC continuity? Or will the prequel take place before Dream's imprisonment on the eve of World War I? I'm guessing the latter, although in the New 52 JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK series Steve Trevor shows John Constantine a jewel which Trevor claims is the key to Doctor Destiny's materioptikon, the same stolen jewel which Dream retrieved from Destiny at the end of "Preludes and Nocturnes" (SANDMAN #7?) and bequeathed to Daniel, his successor. Shortly after that you can see Daniel (the grandson of an alternate timeline Steve Trevor, by the way) sporting the jewel in a two-part JLA story, so this can't just be sniffed away as being a Vertigo-only non-continuity element.

    So, if we're going to see Dream before his imprisonment will he be depicted with the articles of his office (the helm, the jewel, the bag of sand, etc.) he spent the first arc tracking down, and if so will there be any more oddly specific denials of continuity in the New 52 books?

  2. Now there's a great point PBL! Thanks for breakin' it all down. Personally, I think with the amount of press this will generate for Vertigo and Neil Gaiman's clout alone, he could pretty much do as he wanted. Judging from the video above though, he seems like a man who sticks with continuity, so who knows. I remember they asked his permission to use his characters for Grant's JLA so hopefully he's aware of any other moves too.

    Or the tale could result in the DC52 being realised as one of Daniel's dreams, and everything returning to normal. Highly improbable, but still possible!

  3. I completely vote for DC52 being Daniel's dream.

    But I realize I have no control over that. I also realize that's probably passed through Gaiman's head and most like Pratchet's and they've probably giggled about it in a couple midnight phone calls wondering if they could give some DC editors heart attacks.

    Wow. That gave me some warm fuzzies thinking about that.

    I think just getting Gaiman to come back and do this DC will bend over backwards and say "Yes sir, thank you sir, will you like some clotted cream on that?" But I also know that Gaiman will do anything he can to keep his stories in line with continuity and story structure. Well...he gets a bit of leeway. He's dealing with characters that are themselves manifestations of abstract thought. How freaking cool is that?

    I'm so excited.

  4. me too Random. I was worried DC was getting ready to shelve Vertigo earlier this year, which would just be the stupidest move since stupid was invented, but this sure proves it's safe for a fair while to come.

    Hopefully Karen gets to lend her Vertigo editor awesomeness to a Marvel Knights line at DC sometime.