Sunday, July 15, 2012

LOOK! UP IN THE EYES! One Fan Cries As Man Of Steel Movie Footage Screens (SDCC)

There are insider tips galore for all those attending Comic Con 2012. For us schlubs at home, we just have to picture their awesomeness, until said awesome is made public. That's the case with the Con screening of the first footage for Man Of Steel, a preview so loved by one fan, THR reports he shed tears and became "a blubbering mess".

Director Zack Snyder told those in attendance the classic soundtrack free film would also be unchained from any prior Superman movies, calling the Christopher Nolan produced film "Superman for the first time". As for us non-attendees, we just get to drool over this stunning teaser poster untill the SDCC footage makes itself public.

Yip, this is the movie I am waiting for beyond all others. 110%. For THR's full report, click here.


  1. I am so hoping they're showing this in Chicago. I should probably look that up. Yeah. Definitely look that up.

  2. If they are Random, do you think we can get a mini webcam into your bag somehow? Just on that broadcasts down under would be fine!

  3. I wonder how decent the footage from my droid would be? Hmmm...I will be dressed as the Black Widow. A little espionage is to be expected.

  4. WOw! These look wonderful! I am SO impressed!