Saturday, July 07, 2012

REAL LIFE HEROES: Ron Perlman Reprises Hellboy Role For Make A Wish Recipient

If there's anything that could make you angry about life, it's the fact some kids have to struggle with health conditions they should never have to. That's why any arm of the global Make-A-Wish Foundation is truly comprised of 'Earth's Mightiest Heroes'. The ability to grant these kids their dream has to be the most amazing job on Earth.

Meet Zachary, a little guy dreamt of meeting Mike Mignola's comic creation Hellboy and becoming a 'Hellboy' himself. Normally such hopes would be responded to by an adult advising what is real, but this was a Make-A-Wish - and with those anything can happen.

As Zachary, fellow wish recipient Caleb and their families visited the team at Spectural Motion, the newest member of the B.P.R.D. had his dream come true in the most amazing of ways. Actual Hellboy actor Ron Perlman, reprised his hit-role as the supernatural hero so Zachary could 'meet' his hero.

For a celebrity to give up their time is one thing, for a celeb to sit in a chair undergoing extensive make-up and wardrobe changes is another - but Ron didn't stop there. He brought burgers, shakes and fries for the two kids, their families and the entire team at Spectural Motion to ensure the whole day was a complete success for everyone involved, Caleb and Zachary especially. Now that's a great guy.

If this doesn't underscore the reason we need a comics medium that generates material people can draw both fun and strength from, I don't know what does. 'Good on ya's' go to all parties involved and especially Caleb and Zachary themselves. What an awesome wish made true by great people helping great people. 

For more, visit Spectural Motion on Facebook, 'nuff said. 


  1. I like Ron Perlman as an actor,now I like and applaud him as a person, as a man.

    don't get me wrong, what I think doesn't matter one way or the other to Mr.Perlman, but for what it's worth, Dude your a hero and a Hella of good guy.

    I luv this medium we call comics.

    great post Dan

  2. Cheers OA - glad you liked the post. Definitely an awesome act on behalf of Mr Perlman and what a cool wish too. Here's hoping the best for the families of both kids in the future!

  3. Yeah, here, here. And wow, if this doesn't show Ron Perlman doesn't have class, I don't know what does. I know this was probably all the families involved could ever want and more, but how cooler would it have been to have Mike Mignola show up with some Hellboy sketches as an added bonus?

    I hope Mr. Perlman's efforts are rewarded, and not in a showy, "Look at me" way, but in a legitimately, "Wow that cool what you did man" way.

  4. Hellboy sketches would've just iced the cake nicely Dale, hopefully as this story gets more press, the folks at Dark Horse might just see to that little extra.