Thursday, July 26, 2012

SO THAT'S WHAT SUPERMAN SEES: International Space Station Time Lapse Video

We all know when Superman gets the stresses, he flies high enough to look down on our favourite mudball, to motivate himself to come back down to earth, rather then pulling a Darkseid and frying us from on high with a good dose of 'quit 'ya winging' heat vision.

So what is it the dude of steel sees in this pile of sticks, stones and dirt that coaxes him back down and encourages him to keep up the never-ending battle? Well maybe it's something like this. A timelapse video of footage taken from the International Space Station, it's stunning perspective of both the planet and the stars may not have you exclaiming 'I can see my house from here!' but it will make you feel pretty damn good. Well after you click play that is.


  1. that was awesome i can't get over the colors! it'd not as if they used special effects in that video after all. although i have expected to see a Forge and ROM on an orbital structure with a giant neutrilizer blasting away at Wraith World. did you notice how that splash page in the house ad had Rom in it as opposed to the version from the actual issue you featured here a long time ago that didn't? also, don't you just love all these pop up adds Blogger is forcing on us now?

  2. I know - amazing huh Dave? Yeah the Silver Surfer was missing a cameo too, but I think I can forgive NASA for that oversight!

    I'm not getting any Blogger pop ups at the moment Dave, so maybe it's just an American thing? Who knows. Marketing seems to pop up into more places then Rob Liefeld, so I guess it's just a matter of time!

    Hopefully it doesn't discourage visitors to much.

    And yup, I noticed the link between our two blogs with that image - great stuff I thought!

  3. i was wondering where you were. been a bit busy of late i take it? by the way thanks for the praise on my latest color job at the SS blog i'm hoping that will act as motivation for ya.
    speaking of fan art i got something coming in just a few days that's going to be epic! just epic, like when Moses parted the Red Sea. it features Dr. Strange locked in mystical battle against a Dire Wraith onslaught!

  4. Yeah mate - damn real life! Actually it did, I have sketched out my Suicide Squad layout and created my team. A few people I chose haven't been in the Squad yet thatI'm aware of, but I think they are great fits.

    Will draw the characters in this week and let you know how I go! As for Dr Strange, I look forward to seeing it!