Tuesday, July 31, 2012

THE LION KING RISES: Mash-Up Of Trailers Brings Bane To Africa

The Lion King and The Dark Knight Rises. Two great tastes in film history that's for sure, but two great tastes that go well together? Apparently yes. While one of Walt Disney's greatest hand-illustrated epics meeting the soundtrack to the finale of Christopher Nolan's epic Batman trilogy may seem like a meeting of opposites to you and I, this mash-up trailer by YouTube user moviemaestroten proves like peanut butter and jam, they are actually a pretty unbeatable combination.

Yes, you can let your workload pause while you give it a second or third glance, it's okay.


  1. Ha ha! That's funny as fuck Dan:)
    You know, it actually works, the way whoever mashed this up blended the scenes with the TDR w/Lion King.

    Genius, pure genius.

    I guess I can admit now, at least to you Dan, that not only was a big fan of the Lion King when it came out, I was also a big fan of the soundtrack, especially the Elton John hits. Hey, what can I say, I like Elton John:)

  2. Hey Dale - glad you liked the mash-up too - I thought it was pretty genius myself! Kinda makes you wonder what other combo's this guy is capable of.

    I like Elton John too so you're not alone there. Rocket Man, Saturday Nights Alright For Fightin', Benny And The Jets, he's got a fair few hits you just can't say no too. Plus I was named after one of his songs, so I guess I have to be right?

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. Ha ha, yeah I guess you're right there about the Daniel thing Good, good song. So that means you were heading to Spain then huh:)

    I figured you more for the "Madman across the water" myself:)

    I love all/most of his hits myself, with "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" being my favorite song, and fav album of his. Of course Honkey Chateau and Don't shoot me I'm just the piano player are close seconds.

    You should check out the how the Dark Knight should've ended, as that short strips pretty comical as well.

  4. Of course I'm heading to Spain, don't you know the rest? "And it looks like Daniel, must be the number of cerveza's affectin' my eyes" :)

    I grew up in a very musical home and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is one of Mum's best too. I think the title track is good when you're forced into a karaoke situation or at least the 'ahh aha ha hahhh' bits are anyway!