Thursday, August 23, 2012

COVER SHOTS: The Best From IDW Publishing's November 2012 Solicitations

IDW Publishing have all directions covered leading into the final days of 2012. Not only do the Dinobots and Judge Dredd get brand new ongoings, so to does My Little Pony. Yes, you heard right; My Little Pony. When it comes to covering all the bases cover wise in the same month, these are the hits doing it best for IDW.


Like any other cover was going to get a look in. As a kid it seemed like the only Autobots with any cajones were Prime and the Dinobots. Now someone has finally had the good sense to give the force with in the force their own series, and Swoop and co have rarely looked finer!

IDW says: Bridging the story from the Fall of Cybertron video game to the Prime TV show - the DINOBOTS hold the line as CYBERTRON falls! With OPTIMUS PRIME and the Ark long gone, the rest of the population makes their escape from the dying world - but SHOCKWAVE remains behind, continuing his experiments!?

CLOSE CONTENDER: Whilce Portacio - Judge Dredd #1

The Dredd is one hard as nails copper. Chuck him on his Dredd cycle and up the shiny, and he's never looked more like a force to be reckoned with!

Other IDW October 2012 highlights include; The iconic Brian Bolland gets his 2000AD best collected in Judge Dredd: The Complete Brian Bolland, My Little Ponies up the diabetic danger in the sugary sweet My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #1, and the girls finish up with the Joes in Danger Girl/G.I Joe #5!

 What do you think?  Sound off below. For November 2012 solicits from other publishers as they're released click here, or for more IDW, follow the jump!


  1. that Dinobots rendering is friggin awesome! as for the Dredd stuff i may finally have a reason to buy new comics again i'll be looking out for both of those. i used to have the original Brian Boland 2000 AD Judge Dredd #1 if you can believe that. i'd certainly like to see how the following issues played out story wise. so from what i can see in this posting are you speaking of a #1 Dredd issue in addition to this collected Boland works title?

  2. The original BB Judge Dredd?! The words used to, tell me there's a tragic end to this story mate...

    For IDW - the Bolland book is a one shot one volume collection of Brian's best work on the character, in colour free black and white. It's the first in a series of planned reprint specials, with coloured repeats to follow in a new title next fall. Judge Dredd #1 though will be an all-new ongoing monthly, so yup, I'll be looking into that too!

  3. cool! that will be awesome. a chance to get some early Dredd in a shot so as not to have to spend endless hours hunting that stuff down.

    as for my tragic story that issue was part of the portion of my comic book collection i decided to give away many years back. i decided some time ago that i only wanted to keep my Rom spaceknight and Suicide Squad (and all relevant tie-ins) collections. it's not that i didn't love the other stuff i just had too many books.
    besides, i pretty much have all those issues memorized panel for panel / word for word in my head just like the Book People in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. and that was years before so much of that stuff is now featured on the internet not to mention all the collected trades of the reprinted issues that you find on comic shop shelves all the time. so in a way it's always there for me still.

  4. I have a similar moment - I gave eight boxes of comics to New Zealand's biggest children's hospital once. There are a few issues I remember I wish I'd held onto out of all those boxes. Not helped by the fact the hospital in question sent me a letter saying they get "donations like yours all the time, and we were wondering if you would like to enhance your efforts with a cash donation as well".

    Took about missing the spirit of giving entirely. Eight boxes of escapism for kids who need it I think is almost as good if not better than money. But hey, who am I right!?