Friday, August 31, 2012

CYBERTRON VS KRYPTON: The JLA / Transformers Pitch That Never Saw Print

Both Superman and the Transformers franchises are based around spaceships that crash landed on earth and the impacts their hence stranded passenger(s) have had on the world with their arrival - so it only makes sense they get together huh? Well apparently artist and detail king Phil Jimenez had just that notion in mind, and up-sized it, when he developed the below image as part of a pitch for JLA / Transformers (found on the Tumblr of writer Brian Michael Bendis).

Click to enlarge that folks, or you're doing yourself an injustice.

Coloured by Romulo Fajardo Jr., with Aztek given quite a significant piece of the pie, the Invisible Jet and the Bat-plane becoming Transformers, and Optimus Prime as a Green Lantern, you have to wonder what other 'cool' this project "sideline[d] after the DC relaunch" could've offered up.

Was Megatron the gun that shot the Waynes? Would Starscream use Starro to finally take-over both the Decepticon leadership and Cybertron? Guess we'll just have to watch Phil's Twitter feed for teases on what could have been truly 'more than meets the eye'. 

 What about you?  What would you like to have seen from a Justice League / Transformers showdown?


  1. Yeah that crossover, if it ever becomes real would be fucking epic!

    Just based off those ideas you mentioned would be enough to sell a one-shot or mini like fucking hotcakes!

    Too bad it's just a pipe dream.....for now.

  2. now that cross over concept has potential!

  3. I think so too guys! Bombshell controlling Zatanna, Robin teaming up with Bumblebee, there are great moments everywhere you look. Hopefully the idea isn't entirely lost....

  4. Pensol4:26 am

    Dear Goddess what I wouldn't give to see this!! Both as a comic book AND as a movie. A Michael Bay-helmed JLA/Transformers would make everyone forget that the Avengers even existed!

  5. JLA crossovers were all the rage about ten years ago...JLA and Wildcats, JLA and Witchblade, JLA and Teen Titans...I got 'em all and adored them.
    Id have liked to have seen this as Jimenez drew Wonder Woman for a couple of years and his art rivalled the legendary Perez. What Id give to see these two draw her again together!

  6. Karl, Phils Wonder Woman is one of my favourite runs on the (or any) character ever. He just told so many great stories that had literally been waiting to be told, and the art was killer. Lois Lane's day in the life issue a perfect example of how much he knew the character.

    JLA crossovers are always fun and this could easilly be one of the best. Like you say Pensol even as a comic this would steal the spotlight off Marvel's A league for a bit - and what a steal it would be!

  7. This picture actually popped up on my facebook before I saw it here, something that doesn't normally happen, but I attribute it to the fact that nerds everywhere are screaming in glee at the idea. And why wouldn't they?!! Can't you just see the splash page with Optimus Prime rolling down the highway and Superman flying next to him?

  8. I think so Random - everytime I think of a different angle I get excited a little bit more. Aquaman vs Sharkticons, The Joker teaming with Starscream or Shockwave, Megatron in alliance with Apokolips... it is so exciting, it's hard not to pee a little.

  9. Dan
    I dont mind if you want to pee.
    I thought Jimenez's run on WW was second best to Perez, and it certainly seemed built up like that. Some fans critisised the soap-opera hysterics of the characters, esp how Diana was portrayed, but personally I enjoyed it immensely. Its such a shame Jimenez was bullied off the CBR forum he used to regularly post on as he often contributed artwork and his private thoughts about his writing at DC on there.
    I loved how he built up the modern-age 'Wonder family' with Diana, Donna, Cassie, Artemis and Hippolyta.
    And a nice bloke to boot!

  10. Thanks for havin' my back Karl!

    I enjoyed Phil's run a hell of a lot too. In fact we must've been on the CBR forums around the same time, as I loved the WW boards when Phil was an active part, it was such a positive place, and that positivity was part of what spurred me on to create IADW.

    When that forum started being a place for Trolls and flat out attacks on people, I think I was one of the first to leave. Such a shame, and like you say Phil was really giving of his time to and as a fan, and the acts of some really did screw that treat for so many (except for his Twitter obviously).

  11. @karl That's what I loved about it too, the family. I came into WW through Donna Troy, so seeing all of them brought into it just enriched the book for me. It seemed like a logical progression to me, and I liked that he kept, and built on, the history of the character instead of just restarting.
    There are always trolls out there waiting to jump on someone, and always people who can't learn to criticize without calling names and tearing someone down. My Dad gave me the best piece of advice once when I was getting upset at something someone had written, and I still use it. "If it makes you that mad, Hannah, you can always not look at it." He was completely correct. If I don't like a book, I don't read it, but I don't feel the need to tell the author directly that he's a big stinking pile of doo doo brains on a daily basis. I might say once or twice I don't like his writing style. Or his artwork. But that's my opinion. Everyone has those, and are entitled to them. Viciously attacking people in a forum meant to exchange ideas and then move along is just bad manners. And my parents taught me to be nice even to those people that you don't particularly care for. I'm pretty sure they were talking about kids on the playground, but it can be applied to internet forums too.

  12. What awesome comments Random and you are right many boards have become the new school yards, in and out of comics. I remember being torn into for not knowing Liberty Belle's history. And he went waay of tangent in his attacks.

    At first I was stunned. Then I thought I'd apoligise but then I thought two things. One: over Liberty Belle?!? Did the U.N know I'd made such a monumental error. And secondly is it worth it? resoundingly no I left him to argue at his reflection. like your I dont have to read it I realised that was a line that would serve me well in future and it has.

  13. Thanks, Randomnerd and Dan, appreciated.
    I post on several WW forums and they are the nice ones, the polite ones. I gave up on CBRs WW forum two years ago after several other posters were rudely barred from the forum simply because they disagreed with the moderator, David Berger. He had a sneaky habit of sending emails early in the morning informing people they had been banned so when you woke up you were already long gone and couldnt reply. I left in disgust when several of my fave posters on that forum were bullied away. Wonder Woman fans are generally known for being picky but the arguments on there were downright appalling. Three WW creators, Gail Simone, Jimenez and Ben Caldwell were harrassed away from the forums. Its particularly upsetting as it was Simone who actually started up the forum herself when she began writing WW, and Caldwell posted a lot of personal sketches from his artbooks on line, which werent available outside of buying his books. Its disgraceful.
    I would absolutely without hesitation bar/ban the Wonder Woman forum on CBR and urge others to stay away.
    I do check in there occasionally [only to see artwork and previews, not to post] and its sobering to see there are only seven regular contributors now, not like the forty there was a couple of years ago. And I read a thread on CBR last March where someone asked whats your favourite/worst forum. Almost overwhelmingly everyone who posted stated the WW forum was the worst for weirdos and petty arguments and obsessives....needless to say, CBR removed the thread pretty quickly!
    And on a much darker note, the forums moderator Aegisbearer was recently removed after it was revealed on Facebook that hed been charged with child abuse against two children he teaches.
    Goodness, its all going on! Im so relieved I left when I did.

  14. Thanks Karl, yeah when the charges first came out three posters put details on every Wonder Woman post I have erging people to stay away from the guy. Not knowing if he was innocent or not at the time I went around and deleted them all. Such a sad event.

    I used to talk with Gail a fair bit on there too - she and Ben like you say were very supportive of the fan community and very accessible for 'pros' regardless of the level of fame they were currently enjoying.

    Still glad you're part of the IADW crew Karl. Trust me, you won't find bickering here!