Friday, August 03, 2012

FAMOUS FAVOURITES: Actor Johnny Depp’s Top Super-Hero Is An Iconic Defender

While he was your nearest fanboy's pick to play The Riddler in the movie that would become The Dark Knight Rises, Johnny Depp has yet to touch a major comic book role. Not that many of his most famous on-screen personna's haven't had that comic feel; Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, The Mad Hatter - heck, he was even in the original Nightmare on Elm Street, so the guy knows Pop Culture cool!

That makes the question what kind of hero or villian does Johnny go for? Who is his pick for the crown of 'Best super-hero'? Luckily The Los Angles Times asked him that very question. Here is his reply;

“I loved the Sub-Mariner. I loved Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Namor is great. There was this strange double-edge to the guy. And there was also something about living underwater that I liked a lot.”

“...I liked Spider-Man and I liked The Fantastic Four for a bit. I really liked Sgt. Rock. But the Sub-Mariner, he was the alternative one. The alt-superhero. He was the sort of Bohemian comic book. I like that.”

How about that? Johnny Depp has the same favourite hero as Clint Eastwood (and Michael Turner's art above even seems to give Namor Depp's face, or is that just me?)! So who do you think would play the surly Sub-Mariner better?


  1. I don't know that I ever would have thought of Depp for the role of Namor. Sure, he can play crazy with the best of them, but I wouldn't have pegged the entitlement aspect of the personality. Not that he couldn't pull that off. I just don't think I've ever seen him that...clean. At least not recently. I'd have to pull out reruns of 21 Jump Street. I couldn't completely discount him as The Watery Whiner, but I'd have to see him in action, and until then I'd remain highly skeptical. Plus, I'd hate for Burton to get involved.

  2. Depp no. He doesn't have the body/physicality to pull Namor off. I'd lean more towards maybe a beefed up Mark Strong, especially since he can pull off a mean widow's peak, or go towards professional wrestling. Hey people laugh, but they're both actors and stuntmen, so there.

    Plus if they made a movie, you know those little green swim trunk have got to go right? I don't know how good they'd translate in alive action movie.

    Maybe they'll use his classic black outfit. I could deal with that. But would they keep the underarm fins? That's the question.

  3. There are so many better comic book movies to make before this one. Really.

  4. Thanks folks! Yeah I think someone a little more physical would be needed to play a person whose body is used to reisting the pressures of the deepest ends of the ocean as well, still it is a great choice of fictional hero.

    I personally think Namor is best in the WWII setting flipping between the allies and his own causes, then doing the same in the future, but just not as an X-Man. That just doesn't wash with me for some reason.

    Here's a question though. Undoubtedly a Marvel icon, having had his own cartoon even, with Marvel Studios firing along at a fast rate of knots, will Namor beat DC's Aquaman to the big screen? Place your bets!

  5. Actualy I could see him more doing Namor than the Riddler. I think that if that rumor hadn't started we whould have had a Riddler in this movie.
    About the buff, special efects do a lot today. With Deep or any other I think I'd like to see The Submariner on the big Screen.

  6. Thanks Aliera - you make a great point!

    I think 'Namor - The Submariner' is just one of those great comic epic sounding names that belongs on a big event movie. Who knows... maybe Comic Con 2013 will reveal just that!