Wednesday, August 08, 2012

IADW MOTIVATIONALS: Doctor Doom - Snooze Is For The Weak

Me I like to think I'm a pretty glass half full kinda guy, and while I laugh a decent chuckle at a random moment of awkwardnes caught on camera, I kind of wish the Motivational memes that litter the internet were a bit more, well, motivational. So for a few weeks you'll see me take a stab at some fan-art that tries to rebalance said problem, and like all good things in comics, the IADW Motivationals start with Doom.

Doctor Doom by the insanely talented Philip Tan.


  1. Yildiray's Aquaman art was really cool, but I'm loving this faux-motivational one even more. Philip Tan is definitely on my short list of really, really good artists, and this rendition of the good(evil)doctor proves that. Fucking sweet!

  2. Doctor Doom I think would be my favourite all time rouge donecright. drawn properly as Tan does here, well like you say, it's pretty sweet.