Saturday, August 04, 2012

PLAYBOY MANSION: The Batcave Themed Movie Theatre You Can Install In Your Home

With the array of eat-out options available today, have you ever looked at your kitchen and thought 'surely there is something better I could do with this space?' Well now Elite Home Theatre Seating comes to the rescue, with a Batcave themed movie theatre option ready to replace even posh stainless steel 'whiteware'  jobbies, and probably only for a poultry playboy millionaire sum.

An actual project underway in some lucky Californian home, EHTS designed the Art Deco room, which includes bookcases that pull back to reveal the Batmobile waiting in the wings (as shown below), and their popular B1 model theatre chairs.

So throw away that cumbersome refrigerator, pesky stove and chunky dishwasher, this is the true hub of any house, well until you decide you want a Fortress of Solitude one to match in the lounge!

 What do you think?  For a Pirates of the Caribbean version and a whole lot more, visit EHTS right after the jump!

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