Sunday, August 26, 2012

R.I.P. NEIL ARMSTRONG (1930-2012)

2012 has been a year for the passing of icons. This weekend one of the brightest icons of all joined their ranks. His name was Neil Armstrong.

Generations around the globe can recall how the Earth stood still, to watch one man step out onto foreign soil like never before. For one definitive moment in time, the actions of one man gave flight to more possibilities and imagination then any before or after him had or have.

Passing at the age of 82, Neil's enduring legacy will never be forgotten. From an astronomy loving kid who has always looked at the stars and dreamt of 'going there', and an adult that takes endless appreciation from fictional heroes who have also set out to explore the stars in a similar vein, it is with great respect I say Neil Armstrong wasn't just an American icon - but a global one.

May his life continue to inspire people to reach for the stars in every way and walk of life, and may he rest in peace as he watches from above, as we all try to do so.

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