Friday, August 10, 2012

SHE-HULK'S BACK: Secondary Fantastic Four Title FF, Feels Like Marvel NOW Should

As the Thing would say "What a revoltin' development". As Marvel races toward the conclusion of Avengers vs X-Men, creative teams and titles are being revealed for their long-teased relaunch initiative, Marvel NOW. Only the lack of fresh blood on many of the 'new' creative teams, plus plots that don't necessarily warrant a '#1', threaten to re-dub the event Marvel Musical Chairs .

Then today happened. As writer Matt Fraction spoke to USAToday on his plans for a time and space travelling Fantastic Four series, saying; " of the best Fantastic Four stories was The Incredibles, and I want to take that back." - the ball connected with the bat even harder when he got to the franchises spin-off title, FF. Just take a look;

Left to safeguard the planet as the original quartet leaves to embrace all-new self-contained adventures drawn by Mark Bagley, FF features the return of the best She-Hulk of all, Jennifer Walters to the franchise. Picked by The Thing, Jen's teammates include Scott Lang/Ant-Man (picked by Reed (and oddly enough the guy who served on the core team when Reed 'died')), Medusa (Inhuman, former Fearsome Four foe of the FF and picked by Sue), plus the all-new Miss Thing, a celebrity blonde, clad in a Thing suit of armor, who just happens to be the woman Johnny was with before he departs. 

'World's Now!est Comic Mag? You Ain't wrong there! That cast makes the book worthy of a grab, let alone Mike Allred's pop-art pencils, playing to the Fantastic Four's retro-roots and giving the title a fresh feel in comparrison to the rest of the Marvel line.

Sure Allred's worked for the House of Ideas before (remember that X-Force do ya?), but here combined with plots like Ant-Man planning to declare war on Doom in the wake of his daughter's death, you suddenly realise 'The World's Greatest Comic Magazine' now has competition - and oddly enough, it's from the same family tree. 


  1. I'll keep a real close eye , and probably pick this one up because Mike Allred's on the art. No other reason needed. I'm sold.

    Plus, lovin' the line-up. I don't know about you, but I personally liked the version of the FF that Lang served on,Sue's costume aside, so hell yeah Marvel!

  2. All god except...
    A Thing Suit?
    Imagination only went that far?
    I'm curious enough to pick it, but that suit ia a no-no to me.

  3. Dude, that's a shout-out to when Ben Grimm used to have to wear a Thing Suit back in the day, when he temporarily lost his Thing powers. It makes total sense in that context, trust me:)

    That and it's becoming increasingly rare for references to past events in continuity without turning the whole thing into an excuse for a ret-con.

  4. Thanks folks - glad you liked the news of this series too - I mean out of all characters in comics (except Madman of course), who does Mike Allred suit drawing more than Medusa?

    Dale I loved that whole era of the FF too - the Rouge Watcher Lyja Laserfist, and Lang as Ant-Man on the crew was great, great stuff, drawn by the always awesome Paul Ryan. Glad to know it struck a chord with you too!

    Aliera, yeah it might be a bit rocky for some fans to grasp, no pun intended, but like Dale says, it is a bit of a tip of the hat to the FF's past. Plus, Thing is the most popular member of the franchise, so it probably covers editors arguing over what book will bear his likeness.

    Geez, what I would do with a Thing suit!

  5. Okay then :)
    Do you think this Ant-Man might mean the end of Secret Avengers Ant-Man?
    I hope not

  6. Now there,s a good question - many folks are on two teams at once at the moment... Iron Fist, Wolverine etc. But thats normally reserved for bigger characters. Still with Lang rumoured to join Hank Pym in the upcoming Ant-Man movie, the little guy might just become one of the biggest yet!

  7. The Ant-Man on SA is a an android(Erin O'Grady), placed on the team as a spy by the Decedents. Scott Lang is the Ant-man in this coming FF series though.

    Can't wait

  8. Totally loving all of it (especially Miss Thing!) EXCEPT Ant-Man. This book is so very wrong in so many ways but oh so right!!!

  9. BVR - glad you are in agreement. This has taken the cake for me in terms of announcements! The down to earth She-Hulk alongside a Queen and one that used to be a villain to boot - you just know that's going to be fun!

  10. Loving Shulkies ponytail!
    Wonder why Medusa will be leaving her hubby and her Inhuman tribe after her new role as leader of their empire to look after the ~Foundation kids?

  11. You know what Karl, I'm thinkin that too. From Queen to teammate is a bit of a big shift, but maybe she's just a BIG Storm fan!

    Thanks for commenting!