Wednesday, August 01, 2012

THE D'S HAVE IT: Deadshot Joins Arrow Cast With Canadian Actor Michael Rowe

Green Arrow is looking like a TV smash and he hasn't even aired his first episode yet. Spurred on by the fact his quiver is being loaded with actual DCU villians, sidekicks and anti-heroes, not just 'made for TV rouges and allies', the latest to join the already teased Deathstroke and Dinah Lance; Deadshot.

Played by Canadian Michael Rowe, does this casting mean every addition to the Arrow TV series has to have a name that begins with 'D'? And where's my invite?

My favourite TV rendition of the Suicide Squad / Secret Six's not-so-modest marksman so far has to be his appearance at the top of this post in the killer DC animated DVD, Batman: Gotham Knights, voiced by Jim Meskimen. If the Arrow version of Floyd Lawton ends up being as sweet, Arrow could well be a TV series with it's own star spin-off potential. After all Deadshot never misses.

Not seen Batman: Gotham Knights? Well while you hunt out your nearest DVD store, take a look at this powerful clip;


  1. This one sounds like it's going to be good! Deathstroke AND Deadshot? Yeah!
    I get so happy when new DC cartoons come out. I need a new case for the DVD's though.
    I try to tell myself I'm buying them for all the kids that are always in my house.
    But we all know I'm lying.

  2. I'm the same Random, especially when it's the back-bencher characters getting their time in the sun! If this goes well who knows who could be next? Spectre, Manhunter, or even The Question... the list just keeps growing.

    As for buying DVD's for all the kids, I just have the one inside me to shop for (not that that slows me down any)!

  3. A pessimist would say, Deathstroke and Deadshot at the same time? Isn't that overkill? I'd then tell that pessimist to get fucked, as that sounds like two shades of awesome!

    Props to the writers and creators for bringing those two legends to the dance, instead of making up new and unnecessary bad guys for Arrow to fight, China White aside. And I guess props to DC for whatever they did, if anything, for letting those two be picked.

    Again, can't wait until this comes out this fall, as it will be my new must watch show of the year:)

  4. Likewise Dale - except knowing my luck it will be scheduled against Walking Dead here. Recorders make that a problem of the past to a point, but should said situation arise what one do you watch live and which do you record!? WHAT DO YOU DO? :)

  5. been fighting this fucken bug these past couple days that's been going around at work. i really hope they don't go with the look for Deadshot like they have in this Batman trailer it's pretty bad. the trailer it's self is great but the design for DS not so much.
    i'll tell ya what Dan, stop using your "dumb phone" to try leaving comments on blogs and i'll buy you the next well sculpted custom ROM figure that comes along, fair dinkum?

  6. by the way i've been watching some DVDs i picked up from the library these past couple days while i've been recuperating. i think X-Men first class was a better movie then i gave it credit for the first time. the behind the scenes extras were great too. hey Dan, how come it didn't bother that Bane didn't have his venom in the new Batman?

  7. Hey stranger! Hope you are feeling better - workplace bugs are nasty sun uv a bastiches at the best of times! The ROM figure thing is a bet - I have it in writing now you know.

    X-Men FC I think is now my most watched X-Film. Sure it doesn't have Colousus in it, but it sure proves even altered X can mark the spot.

    Re Bane's venom absent from Dark Knight Rises, probably because it's such a small part of who the character actually is. Bane is most dangerous as a muscle who absorbs other causes and networks in his order to prove himself best. In DKR he was fairly lifted from his role in Bat-crossover Legacy in terms of employment and while seeing him Hulk up would've been cool, I didn't mind it being trimmed.

    Plus would a drug powered hero get such a general rating for a movie? One psycho already bullshat his alibi building it off the Dark Knight, a drug related muscle man might have encouraged a few other weak minds to try overdosing as well.