Saturday, August 18, 2012

THE OLD INVISIBLE PLANE PRANK: Robot Chicken DC Special Brings The Funny

If Aquaman thought he'd finished being the butt of all jokes just because he's in a new hit comic by Geoff Johns, he better think again. 

Not only is Johns one of the creative minds behind the upcoming Robot Chicken DC Comics Special (and hence Aquaman's new victimisation), armed with the vocal talents of Seth Green, Neil Patrick Harris and more, Aquaman's about to learn the R.C. gang have the entire line-up of both the Super Friends and the Legion of Doom in their sights. 

With no funny bone safe, click the link and laugh.

Airing this fall, I'm just glad The Riddler is included. Best. Villain. Ever.


  1. Oh my gosh! I haven't been this excited since I saw the Avengers preview! I can hardly wait to see the whole thing! Thanks Dan! Seth you are my hero!

  2. thanks Random - glad you have a similar sense of humour to me! On holiday this weekend so just checking the posts are going off as preset - still can't get Lex's basketball to the face out of my mind lol. And Hawkman. that guy never gets enough press.

  3. Yeah, I saw the trailer over @, and can't wait. This shit is right up my alley. I can't wait to see how many jokes I can steal from this:)

    I hope they make fun of the reboot too. Hey I a guy can dream right?

    Can't wait to see this!