Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TOUGH JUSTICE: Picking The Crossovers Judge Dredd Should Blast Into Next

Judge Dredd, he’s the indie pulp icon that is actually pretty darn mainstream in most of the Commonwealth. Sure he’s met Batman on more than one occasion, Predator, Aliens and even Lobo – but why stop there? Here's four adversaries I wish he'd face, and the scenario I'd see in each that forced him to state "I AM THE LAW!”

CONAN By Crom! Engineered by scientists, Harpoon technology can be fired through time, linking your mind to any being, instantly allowing you to upload their skills and knowledge as your own. 

Falling victim to their device, the Doctors hope to rid themselves of Dredd by harpooning his mind to the Neanderthal past. Only the link connects with Conan and as Mega City One's best starts enforcing Cimmerian style justice, Conan begins to become a law unto himself. If the two can't separate themselves safely and stop those responsible, they may become one hybrid living in two eras - if living at all.

SILVER SURFER Can the Dredd cycle outrace a cosmically powered surfboard? It better. When the Surfer arrives on the horizon of Mega City One to prep for the arrival of his master, Dredd will be racing the clock to ensure his city’s survival. But can the Judge justify the existence of such a crime ridden city? As Nova, Terrax, Firelord and the other Heralds of Galactus start to descend, Norrin Radd and the Judge might find themselves each others only hope for salvation.

TRANSFORMERS A new gang is forming on the streets of Mega City One – their drug is Energon. A digestible power source that supplies the user with a wild high and various electricity based powers. 

Tracing the contraband back to its source, the Judge’s sweep the gangs HQ, only to find the rooms cleared of all but one vintage cassette recorder and a few metallic tapes. As one begins to fransform into a robotic jaguar before their eyes, Judge Dredd soon realises their only hope of victory lies in the recent rumours of metallic Dinosaurs within the city sewers...

SPIDER-MAN 2099 Sure Spider-Man might be too bright to swing by Judge Dredd’s side, but his 2099 namesake isn’t! With Alchemax using Mega City One as a testing ground for their home security symbiote pets, the Judges and a certain wall-crawler team-up to learn the secrets behind their production. When the truth is revealed, it presents more of a threat to global security then anyone could ever have imagined and one the combined heroes may be far to late to prevent.

 What do you think?  Who would you like to see Dredd rule against?


  1. i wanna see Judge Dredd go up against Peacemaker from the old DCU. both are gun totting bad asses that utilize James Bond like gadgets and are obsessive about maintaining peace and order. their uniforms even have a similar over all look to em plus neither has super powers which i think would make things more interesting.

  2. Deathstroke, Ghost Rider, The Punisher,and Wolverine for me please.

    Very nice suggestions there Dan-O. I never would have thought to suggest freaking Conan, the Transformers, or even the Silver Surfer, but yeah that'll work.

    Oh and if you have some time, check out our fellow Five member's awesome custom DCUC Bronze Tiger figure @ That thing is fucking sick!

  3. Them's some great choices guys thanks!

    Dave - Peacemaker is one from left field, but you are right - they sure have a lot in common that would make for a sweet match up!

    Dale - Ghost Rider was originally on my list! That cycle race would be a killer! Deathstroke would be freakin' awesome!!! I might even post date edit this post and claim it as my idea ;)

    I have been pretty pre-occupied by events off this blog the last few weeks, but getting back on track now, so I will definitely check out the BT action figure, because face it - who can refuse the Bronze Tiger?

  4. well if you have to ask, so far the DC reboot has been refusing the Bronze Tiger.

  5. Dan, look what i just posted on the SS blog.

  6. Hey Dale - What's with ya blog mate? It won't load. You okay?

  7. Dan, the stories are great. The Harpoon tech....superior buddy. I don't know how in the world those two would co-exist but that's what I'd pay to see. Nice job man.

  8. Thanks OA - I tried to think of plots I'd like to write. Glad they were a hit!

  9. I'm good man. Internet problems as usual:(