Wednesday, August 29, 2012

TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT: Tractor Trailer Made To Look Like Original Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is the coolest looking pop culture creation ever. Period. And that's before Michael Bay and his team of geniuses took him through an episode of Pimp My Ride (flames - seriously?). He was the pride of my toy shelf for years, and the ultimate ign that good doesn't always win - it kicks a hell of a lot of butt while doing it.

While I never quite got what the little blue toy inside his trailer was for, the guys at JesterPictures have cast such queries aside, and in a move that would literally give me a fan meltdown if I saw it rolling down the highway towards me, recreated an actual Tractor Trailer in the likeness of Optimus Prime.

God I hope that's not a Photoshop. Coolness demands it be a reality.

 What do you think? 


  1. Dan, i hope i'm wrong but i'm gonna have to go with this being photoshop. but even if it is it's still FU#$%^& AWESOME! this makes me want to publish my next post in my Bill Mantlo series cause it's a little TF related but i'm gonna hold off a bit longer. as for that blue toy in the trailer i did have the Optimus toy. remember the TF toys were all from Japan before they turned into an American franchise. the Japanese had a lot of cool accessories to their stuff the Micronauts toy line was another good example of that. in the TF cartoon i think the vehicles in his trailer had names. crickey the 80s went by too bleedn fast!

  2. The only way that could be real is if the rig and the trailer are privately owned. I wouldn't dismiss the possibility, because any world where a dude with his own business is just that frickin' cool is DEFINITELY a world I want to inhabit, but I'd have to say the odds are a bit on the sketchy side. Gosh dang, though, I have to say I'd go with another pop culture icon at this point, though and say, Never tell me the odds. I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled on the road from now on.

  3. Thanks you two! Guess it falls in the to good to be true category - but hot damn just imagine!

    I'm with you Dave. Movies, cartoons, great comics and awesome music. The 80's way went by too fast!

    Random I promise when I get my frillion dollars from selling my cover variant #764864 of the original X-Force series, I'll create a truck and trailer unit just like this and sweep round and pick every one up for Comic Con. So now all we have to do is wait for that book to skyrocket..... (looks at clock).....

  4. Everyone synchronize their swatches for transform and roll out!

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