Friday, August 17, 2012

TWO FACED: The Lego Batman Lenticular That Morphs Into The Joker

Sure Bruce Wayne turning into Batman is a quick fireman pole slide down into a dusty cave, but the Dark Knight's decent into the insane madness that is The Joker might be more of a year by year affair. Unless you are Lego whizz Arthur Gugick of course. He's the guy who created this Batman/Joker lenticular, which when viewed from the right looks like Bats and when viewed from the not-so-right looks like.... well just hit play and see.

Yes, you can click and re-watch it again. Gotham knows I did. Now if he could just follow it up with a Flash/Reverse Flash version, I would be a happy, happy Dan.


  1. Fucking awesome man! All that from the power of Legos!

    And yes, a Flash/Reverse-Flash would top even that one. I'd throw in a Superman/Lex Luthor, or Green Lantern/Sinestro one as well.

    Where do you find this cool shit Dan?

  2. Hey Dale! I'm currently on holisay this weekend so just checkin in to see if the posts are still ticking over properly! Glad you thought this was as cool as I did - add to that list Spidey/Venom and Cap/Red Skull too! Jean/Dark Phoenix? the possibilities are awesome and endless.

    As for where I find this stuff lets just say random sleepless wonders round the net usually pick up a few sweet things!