Thursday, August 23, 2012

UNDER THE GUN: Liefeld Quits As Hawkman, Grifter And Deathstroke Eye Up Another Shot

Despite their previous DC52 sales records, I'm a firm believer that Deathstroke, Hawkman and Grifter each have the potential to soar a lot higher than they have. Now each title potentially stands to get another shot at hitting the mark, with current creator Rob Liefeld announcing he is walking from three books over editorial difficulties with the upcoming #0 issues.

While still using Hawkman as his Twitter icon, the landmark 90's artist announced his resignation to the world on the social media brand. That part and the resulting vent I get, but he then followed those up by promoting his page as the place to get further details rather then looking for a tell all interview. Really? Do you want your Twitter page promoted as an environment of negativity and I said/they said? Who wants to read that kind of energy?

Maybe it's me, but I just think muck-raking belongs in schools. Once you're older you leave it behind. Just say you quit, a few explanations why if needed and move on to promoting other positive works which bare your name, like the existing runs on Glory and Prophet happening at Image Comics right now.

Then came the tweet that stumped me; "And where it's all headed is overseas talent anyways. Why do you think that they fly around doing new talent searches in foreign countries?" Considering 'overseas' talents include artists like painter Gabrielle Del'Otto, who has done a lot for DC's European arm, I don't think many will complain if they keep on keepin' on.

Back on to the books, hopefully DC gives these titles one more go. Deathstroke and Grifter will soon be in the highly-awaited Team 7, so the added promotion might spin a few more eyes the way of their own solo titles. This is a great opportunity to give some deserving indie talents their chance to shine, especially if treated in a Marvel Knights kind of way.

Deathstroke is the meanest gun in town who can truly not be predicted. Grifter is the ultimate Bourne Ultimatum and Hawkman, a mix of prehistoric adventure and alien technology colliding in present day. What's not to like there?

 What do you think? 


  1. Liefeld isn't the first creator I've seen complain about the overseas talent searches which Marvel and DC have expanded greatly in the last decade which isn't shocking since they're able to pay foriegn creators less and they don't have offer medical insurance as well. Also DC should've left Deathstroke alone because it was one of my favorite new books to come out of the reboot before editorial changed the creative teams.

  2. Hey F.B. - Thanks for stoppin by and commenting!

    I thought Deathstroke was going pretty sweetly too prior to Rob - especially with Simon Bisley on cover art duties! Here's hoping the future might hold a return to that way of action!

  3. I'll agree w/ Liefield as far as being fed up with editorial interference. I can only imagine what a tiresome pain in the ass that can be. But, he can't complain too much since you should already know going in, that when working for a major company like DC, that sort of shit's going to happen unless you're a golden boy like Johns or Morrison.

    That being said, I feel he wasn't a good fit anyways, and those titles, as you point out, can sell better as long as they have the right creative teams working on them.

    I've always been a huge Grifter and Wildstorm fan, going back to when they first hit the market, so I'll always have a soft spot for 'rm. I just wish DC had let the Wildstorm universe remain its own entity instead of trying to fold them in w/ the DCU like they did other former publisher's characters. Wildstorm was kind of like a more mature version of DC anyways, so it doesn't make sense to include them in the regular DCU. I will always believe that the WU was fine on its own, and hate that the accomplishments of creators like Ellis, Moore and others, don't mean shit anymore.

    That all being said, I agree w/ you that Liefield should have just said "things didn't work out", or "I want to focus on my own characters for awhile."
    But then he can never focus 100% of his time on them wither without getting bored and going to wither Marvel or DC. Funny how that works huh?

  4. I agree Dale, after its initial years, I saw Wildstorm more as Vertigo heroes than anything and would rather they hadn't folded either.

    I wish Rob well. Everyone deserves to work in a positive workplace and I don't doubt the frustrations he's had to endure. I just think Chris Roberson, Grant Morrison and George Perez handled announcing their departures a little more respectfully.