Saturday, August 11, 2012

WHO'S NAUGHTY AND NICE? Hallmark's 2012 Christmas Catwoman Ornament, That's Who

Walking around my local department store today, I was about to have another middle aged vent at how early Christmas decorations were appearing on shelves, when I realised a stand was for the Hallmark Keepsake range of licensed character Christmas tree decorations.

Sure Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Spider-man, Disney and more had their heavily trademarked faces showing, but only one was so awesome, by the time I snapped too after seeing her, I was already on the otherside of the checkout, receipt in hand. Catwoman.

Sure your partner might not want a whip-wielding femme fatale on the family Christmas tree, but look how detailed this kitty is! The curl of the whip, the curl of well, Selina, and that face - it's like Paul Dini painted each and every one.

The matte black paint conveys her latex outfit in ways a wholesome festive season trinket normally shouldn't, better yet, she is huge! No left or right branch for this Gotham City Siren, at 4 1/4" wide, 4 1/2" tall and 2" deep, she's going right to the top of the tree and will provide another reason to keep the thing up, long after December is gone.


  1. I would have a rant at how early it is fos selling Christmas decorations and I don't care if that would put me on middle Age at 37. It is still four months to Christmas.
    That said, what an amazing Cat Woman! Why don't those make an appearence in my part of the world?
    Perfect. I wouldn't mind at all having her in my Christmas tree, but she wouldn't be there long. My children would be all over her :)

  2. Thanks Aliera - glad you like her too. I already have a few from other years editions (Spidey, Supes, and Batman) but I think this is the winner. Some places might let you order them online for a steal if you don't have them there so look out!

    I'm 33 and I don't want any more Christmas sightings because the year already feels like it's flying by fast enough!