Saturday, September 08, 2012

BABY BUTT-KICKER: The Miniature Custom Made War Machine That Slays All Opposition

War Machine is the coolest 'Iron Man' there is, yet he only gets a tenth the press. What's with that? Showing small percentages still pack a punch, Levi of the Hong Kong Model League has created this tiny custom marvel, complete with light up eyes and arc power!

Amazingly sweet huh? No Rolodex is going to beat this dude for best desktop accessory! For more shots of the front back and sides in all their glory, just click this here jump.

 What do you think? 


  1. that is pretty bad ass! i wonder if it;s plastic or some kind of die cast medal?

  2. Awwww It's so cute:) It's like baby born, but for guys.....I think.

  3. I cant say that I know all that much about War Machine but he is alwas so much more bad-ass than Iron Man...and you cant fault that chrome sheen to his armour.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys! Normally I give 'sugary cute' a safe distance, in fear of falling into a diabetic coma, but this I don't mind. Plus it's War Machine - so where can you really go wrong?!

    Dave, as Google translate doesn't really help me on the artists page, I'm going to go with plastic - although I have been wrong before - strange but true!

  5. Oh, but some of the cute superhero stuff is awesome! And this! Look at the tiny shoulder cannon!! You never get the out of the way heroes in the off the line mini versions. I would have bought this one before I get another Toki-doki Capitain America. (Not for me. For my little girl. I get Thor.)

  6. Honestly Random, I've been thinking about driving what I cover here away from the big guns and more to the characters that don't get as much spotlight. Not only is it where my actual interest mainly lies, I just think that's where all comics great potential lies right now as far as the Big Two go. Or maybe I'm just a jaded old thirty something lol what do you think?

  7. This is true my friend, the potential is all in the second string characters. The extended universe of the big two is the future.

  8. This is so cute!
    A baby War Machine!
    I could keep this.

  9. Dan, I think that's a great idea. I love the smaller guys. Mostly because I think that's where you get the greatest outpouring of imagination and love of character now. Because to know the tiny guy, you had to "PAY ATTENTION", and "UNDERSTAND THINGS".

    And we're all jaded thirty somethings, but we still have that wicked twinkle in our eye.

  10. Seems Baby 'Chine is a hit all round Aliera! I might have to relook at my stance on 'cute'.

    Random, O.A. seems like that is two thumbs up and a go for launch! I'm glad, because the more I think about it the more I think I'm more that way inclined. Plus I think fans are stronger in their love of those characters, because they've always had to defend them. I mean take Bronze Tiger for instance. Say you are a fan and people reply 'Really? What is it you like about him?' But say you are a fan of Batman and you get a standing ovation, because everyone loves Batman - who has to defend that stance?

    I'll also apply the same to the villains methinks!

    Thanks all for the comments!

  11. I got into exactly that argument about Blue Beetle (Kord). I was asked my favorite JL member and I said him. Because I remember all the way back to the misfit days with Booster and the JLI. But everyone was expecting me to answer Black Canary or Wonder Woman.
    You have to stick up for your guys.

  12. Yeah because you are a girl it's gotta be either Danah or Diana right? ;) Geez my favourite League member. That is such a toughie. When I think my mind has one all of a sudden another pops up and pretty soon mentally I have one of those dust clouds that occurs as Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd duke it out over Wabbit Shootin' season.

    For the sake of seeming decisive though I'll run with Kyle Rayner. I think he brought something to the league as the fanboy becoming his own icon, that really made the JLA seem bigger than it did before.

    Now I have to hit post before I change my mind and say Vixen.. or Martian Manhunter... or Metamorpho... or..