Friday, September 21, 2012

COVER SHOTS: The Best From Marvel Comics' December 2012 Solicitations

Hot damn - I know he's drawn him before, but for me, Lenil Yu could draw the Hulk for life - he's a natural fit! In December 2012 Marvel tries dropping red onto the majority of the covers in their line. 1) it's Christmas so why the hell not, and 2) it's their brand colour, so it's time to deck the shelves as we head into the 2013. Proving 13 is not yet unlucky just yet, Marvel's best December covers look like these;


Sure he's doing the same hand gesture most teenage boys do when they see a buxom lass outside the pages of Swimsuit Illustrated, but slight creepiness of an Iron Mammogram aside, Greg Land has created a haunting hi-tech visual that destroys all others with it's contrast!

Marvel says: The new Iron Man stealth armor debuts! The most subtle Iron Man armor of all time! Deep in Columbia the daughter of a cartel boss is “modified” by EXTREMIS. Will villains VIBRO, FIREBRAND and THE LIVING LASER stop Tony from doing what he must to save the world from the deadly nano-virus?

CLOSE CONTENDERS: (Click to enlarge)

Hawkeye #6 - David Aja Aja is the man when it comes to clean striking covers. Infact the less he draws the more he should be paid (man, that would be a sweet gig)!
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Avenging Spider-Man #15 As if Devil Dinosair hasn't been gone long enough, now he returns rendered by Dell'Otto himself. It's T-Rex times the fun, all for the same wall-crawling price!

 What do you think?  Sound off below. For December 2012 solicits from other publishers as they're released click here, or for Marvel's full December line-up, follow the jump!


  1. "Iron Mammogram", nice one Dan:)

    But hey, breast cancer's no joke; must save the puppies!:)

  2. Thanks Dale - glad you liked it. As I type some feverish Marvel trademark rep is locking down the movie rights and usage of the name I just bet ya!

    And yip cancer is no joke regardless of where it appears on the body - evil sonuva ____ it is.

  3. is it just me or is there an Exorcist kinda homage going on with that Iron Man cover?

  4. Oh c'mon. You guys do that gesture when you see a buxom lass INSIDE the pages of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue too. You know you do.

    That is one creepy cover. I like it. :)

    @ Dale, I'm not sure I've ever heard them referred to as "Puppies" but I'm all for saving them. I'm kind of attached.

  5. Dave, I think you are right. Boy I haven't watched that movie in years. I miss good 80's horror.

    Random, you mean that's not just American slang Dale's using? I hadn't heard it either. but hey, if he's going to invent a new term for boobs there are worse places to do it than IADW right? ;-)

  6. Dan, I'm not saying it's not. I haven't heard every bit of slang used for that particular piece of anatomy. But it's new for me.

    If it's not a new invention, you can at least say that IADW is a place that encourages education.

  7. And not just the kind with hidden comics in the textbook either!

  8. What?! I swear, that just...flew in the window...and...landed there. Yeah! That's what happened.

  9. I am becoming quite smitten with Hawkeye's covers.
    Those clean lines and a some what 70's feel, they have. Very "New".

  10. David Aja sure is a man with style Aliera. Few modern artists are as cool and pulpish or as dependable!

  11. Hey, the term puppies isn't new to me, as I've heard that expression used since the late 90's. Damn I miss pro-wrestling from that era!:(

    What gets me is how they arrived at that word to describe breasts. Maybe because the areolas/nipples look like big puppy dog eyes?

    Now sweater kittens is a term I don't get. It doesn't even make the most twisted of sense.

  12. Lol Dale I miss wrestling too but I still haven't heard either term you mention. Maybe it's the guy from down under that needs to learn your language after all.