Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Paul Dini Says 'Happy 20th Harley Quinn' And The Origin Of Her Suit

If one character ever went from stable to insane levels of popularity in six seconds, it's Harley Quinn. More than The Joker's sidekick, Dr Harley Quinzel's transformation into the mallet-bearing maven of maddness and merriment made her an independent pop-icon.

Today, just as the infamous cartoon in which she debuted celebrated it's own milestone last week, co-creator Paul Dini tweeted today is Harley's very own 20th birthday.

Bring in the exploding cake! The poisonous pass the parcel and all the other madcap birthday treats this Gotham City Siren would enjoy (Ivy?). Sure it may be another year before she can legally drink in some countries, but the law won't wreck this girl's big day!

While her outfit has changed controversially from it's patent pending original, have you ever wondered where the zoot suit red and black riot originally came from? How about daytime soap opera Days of our Lives? Yip, insane character, insane origins. Hear Paul himself explain to writer Kevin Smith, in this Birthday bonus YouTube vid. Happy Birthday Puddin'!


  1. Very cool posting Dan. It's always nice to hear the secret origins of a popular character, so this one was pretty damn cool to hear. And it's the actual person who gives Harley her voice too! Thank god Paul Dini found her or else the world would never have known Harley Quinn.

  2. Without Harley Quinn I don't know what I would have done for all those Halloweens. One of the best characters to ever come out of the Batman universe. Dini, you are one of my heros!

    Thanks Dan. I needed to see this.

  3. 20 years already?
    Congrats Harley and Dini!

  4. Thanks folks - glad you liked it! Yeah I think Harley is an awesome addition to Batman's rouges, not so much for who her puddin' is, but the fact like Two Face, she's been on both sides of the law against insanity in Gotham, yet she willingly turned. That alone sets her apart to me.

    Aliera I know what you mean - if Harley's 20, then I must me.... 21!! And that calls for a beer. See how all roads lead to the same destination?