Tuesday, September 25, 2012

HAPPY! #1 PREVIEW: The Festive Tale Where The Top Four Letter Word Ain't 'X-Mas'

One of the next big Image Comics releases is set to prey upon unsuspecting comic shelves starting this Wednesday. While ravenous Grant Morrison fans like myself have already subscribed to Happy, for those who haven't read Grant's creator owned material, they might be a little taken back at the subjects the Scottish Scribe can tell.

Joined by New Warriors and Transmetropolitan hit-artist, Darick Robertson, Happy focuses on corrupt cop turned hitman, Nick Sax, wounded and on the run. Running through a filthy world and about to cross the path of a child-killer in a Santa suit. What's to be 'happy' about in that? How about the creative team? Or that tiny blue horse...

Believe it - anything can happen when Grant is unleashed with a pen, and if you want a sharp taster, the preview is right below;

 What do you think? 


  1. Good preview - it has the look of Hellblazer to me in places.

  2. Dagnabbit Dan. I said no more new comics before Christmas.

  3. Gotta' love a preview that contains scenes of a guy in psuedo-roach/squid-hybrid outfit getting a blowjob by what looks like a hooker dressed up as a Victoria's Secret model:)

    Now that's how you write interesting comics! I am surprised by the way this is unfolding though, with such scenes. This seems so dirty that I'd think Ennis or Ellis wrote these scenes.

    Good, bold stuff by Morrison.

  4. Thanks folks - glad you liked it! I'm looking forward to it, and at four issues Random I'm sure Santa wont mind if you sneek this one in ;-)

    Karl, it does have that feel to it doesnt it? Though their maybe worse then Heaven and Hell at play here.

    Dale, judging by scripts I've seen by Grant for artist Frank Quitely, thatd pretty much be exactly how he described it. He's pretty descriptive alright!