Monday, September 17, 2012


One of the downsides of running a blog 'down-under', is that you don't get to experience the northern hemisphere Comic Con's and marvel over the talents on display. This year, as I was moping that very thought over Chicago Comic Con, guess what surprise arrived via good old snail mail? This Jon Hughes Death 'Con sketch, from one of the most wonderful of wonder women and Chicago 'Con attendee, Random!

Isn't it awesome! One of our mutual fav's, both Random and I dig the job Vertigo have done over the years, making Death an upbeat yet not over-marketed character, despite her popularity and Grim Reaper-ish occupation.

Says Random; "I don't know about anyone else, but I always get a warm glow at the scenes she's in. And that piece really did do a superb job of capturing it. It's not the usual impish Death we see (who I also love) but it still gives you that sense of peace." 

To see more of Jon Hughes' wicked workings, visit him on Facebook or on his own personal website after the jump. Thanks again Random!


  1. You are most welcome, Dan. I'm glad you liked it! And that it actually arrived sometime this year. The post office worker didn't look hopeful when I was talking to him.
    I love this picture more every time I look at it. You can almost imagine her about to turn her head and smile that friendly, knowing, welcoming smile at you. Gives me shivers, but in a good way. The companion piece he did of Morpheus is good too, and I would have picked it up right then and there, but I was sidetracked by a piece he did of Nightcrawler. If you follow him on facebook, he frequently posts pictures he's drawing in progress, along with cosplay photos from various conventions he goes to.

  2. LOL well we are a fair way south Random, that courier pigeon would've had pretty sore wings by the time he got here!

    His Facebook is definitely a treasure trove of cool. Some of that cosplay is just crazy levels of cool!