Tuesday, September 18, 2012

METAL VS MUSCLE: Domino and Colossus Join Cable's X-Force Post Marvel NOW!

X-Force. What started out as a new home for many of The New Mutants, X-Force has become Marvel's chance for challenge-fit creators to mix and match mutants and spin them down some pretty epic roads that the mainstream X-books are unable to take the turn off for.

Post Marvel NOW!, the title's relaunch comes off one of it's highest ranking runs ever, headlined by the man who started it all and retitled; Cable And X-Force. Promising the folks at CBR a crime comic, writer Dennis Hopeless will be joined on the book by artist Salvador Larroca. If your wallet didn't just cough money at Salvador's name on an X-book, you obviously need to go back and read this;

X-treme X-Men was a tour de force every issue, and any man who can achieve stunning art around writer Chris Claremont's love of the speech bubble, is suspect of having mutant powers themselves. With December's Cable And X-Force #1, Salvador swaps Storm, Rouge and Bishop for Cable, Forge, Domino, Dr. Nemesis and Colossus.

Yeah, what the almost pacifist Colossus is doing on a team of outlaws consistently hunted by the Uncanny Avengers puzzled the heck out of me too, but then it struck me. If Cable's new missions have anything to do with Hope, there's no X-Man who knows more about body-guarding God-like mutant girls than Piotr, with his sister Illyana.

But it doesn't stop there... Can Forge be a soldier after leading X-Factor for so long? Does Domino still see eye to eye with Cable? And will the Nazi clone hunting Dr. Nemesis be happy to share the tactical scientific genius title with Forge or will he long to return to former pursuits?

Not only do I need answers now, this on the run set-up has me getting similar vibes to my favourite X-Force run of all, by writers John Francis Moore and Jeph Joeb and the highly, highly, highly unsung artist, Adam Pollina. While I'm in reflection mode, how about we end with a look at some of the various creative teams and line up's to grace the 'Forcers over the years;

 What do you think?  What do you like from and hope for X-Force?


  1. Comics Imperative1:28 am

    The answer is always the same answer... Get rid of chris claremont. Along with john byrne, warren ellis, and all of the britshitters. It's time to bring comics back after that 30 year downturn into the toilet.

  2. What an insulting comment...brit****ers [and not even a capital B for British, either. Naughty.].
    Claremont did always go on too much, and Byrne's days are long behind him. Thats no reason to disparage them, tho. Many of todays comics wouldnt still be surviving if it wasnt for them, and X-Force, which had the recursive notoriety for being just a flash in the pan after its initial premise had worn off managed to actually outlive its original purpose and move it forward. It couldve been 'just another X book' [Merciful Minerva, we've had enough of those...!!] but has gone past that. It made Storm a major player in the X universe and greatly inproved Rogue's character [tho one could argue thats regressed, since] and is only inhanced by not being dominated by that annoying mutant who keeps popping his claws. What was his name again?

  3. Thank you Karl. You said it better than I ever could. Especially the point about the man with claws.

    Not quite sure what his point was about Warren Ellis. Scratching my head over that one. He did that one event and never touched the X-books again, didn't he? Am I wrong about that?

  4. Pretty much yeah.

    I know Googum enjoyed the current roster on X-Force, but we're both in agreement that this roster is just What!?

    Colossus makes no sense on the team, whereas Cable and Domino do, but Forge? I thought he was dead, not to mention how out of place he is to on this team. I don't know Dr. Nemesis all that well, so maybe he fits right in, but ugh, what a terrible roster. What was so bad about the current one, unless Reminder's killing off a good bunch of them.

    I suppose then with this roster, that the main focus will be on Hope, although the last reason for this group existing seemed pretty reasonable to me.

    For me anyways, the whole reboot, I'm sorry, I mean Marvel NOW initiative just seems so unnecessary and forced, much like DC's reboot is. Ugh:(

  5. Thanks for the comments folks!

    @Comics Imperative Thanks for expressing your point of view C.I., although hopefully in future without negative labels, because that just detracts from your point, and just isn't what we do at IADW. Otherwise you raise a few notes that definitely got me thinking.

    Personally my comment at Claremont in the post is tongue-in cheek at the fact the man loves to write more than most :) It's by no means a negative, just to fit in a decent drawing with space for all those words is quite a challenge to an artistic mind.

    One thing that does get my goat in modern comics is when writers phone it in or don't write as much as comics used to deliver and charge you more to read it. With that in mind I'm kind of surprised Chris isn't at DC right now as part of the 52. Many former Marvel creators are there and he could seriously generate some decent headlines by being involved, or course if he chose too. Or for Image or Valiant etc.

    As for the thought of nationalisim that's popping up in the case of the Big Two looking abroad for artists and the influx of British writers, I obviously am pro choice, being a foreigner to the US myself. Writing comics is all I used to dream of doing, and I think any healthy dream should always be possible regardless of where you were born on the planet.

    Same goes for Hollywood. I mean, would American movie land want The Hobbit made without Kiwi Peter Jackson? While proudly supporting local talent and industry in any nation is crucial to a great economy, so is benefiting from the talent pool outside your doors at the right time as well.

    Plus Marvel and DC both publish many comics just for the European markets, so are already dealing with these talents anyway, just haven't brought them all to the US yet. That's how Gabrielle Dell Otto and many others were 'found' for the US industry. The amount of work Gab's done on Batman in Europe would make most American fans wet themselves at the thought. Being in a country open to both the US and Euro versions kinda makes you smile sometimes when the two worlds collide like that and 'overnight success' is born.

    Thanks for taking the time to get involved - I appreciate it!

    @Karl I'd add Storm to that regressed list as well. I just think after her relationship with Forge, Marvel's kind of been stuck for where to go with my former #1 heroine. She needs to be shaken up and set free again (preferably for me pro Mohawk again ;)

    @ Random Yeah Warren Ellis was one of the talents involved in the secondary X-Title revamp that occurred at the same time Claremont's return to the primary titles with the likes of Lenil Yu forced a revamp over there.I think on paper Ellis is a good match for what a militant team is, but the revamp didn't last too long on either side to really get some decent footing. Still Claremont got in some pretty decent Wolvie/Kurt moments and that's always good readin'.

    @Dale Dr N created the original Human Torch android, he's a bit creepy and an outside choice but that seems to be an obligatory seat on most teams these days huh? I guess for me I wonder why we need all new teams when a writer joins. Sure this is a return of X-Force and Uncanny X-Force will be it's own book still with a line-up that includes Storm, Puck and Psylocke, but whose to say Rick can't be followed by another writer using the same cast and get a few more great stories out of them Rick wouldn't have thought of? Why reboot when you don't need to?

    It just seems defeatest thinking on the company's behalf looking at incoming writers. I know as a competitive person I'd plant my feet in the ground and say 'You don't think I can - watch me!' True I'd probably be fired for talking to an editor like that but if you can't tell a story with a telepathic ninja, a man who sold his soul to a monster and now carries one inside him, and a Canadian Furbie with adamantiam claws who can you tell a story with?

  6. I think the only time a writer gets away with talking to an editor like that is when his name sells more issues than the title itself.
    And I completely agree with you about Storm. I wouldn't even mind the mohawk at this point, especially if it got us a storyline like we used to get with her. Strong and majestic warrior goddess that she used to be. Remember how Kitty's eyes used to just shine with adoration as she looked at her? Well, mine did too. And I want that back.
    And really, I'd love it if they put Forge and her in the same book again. But I really go in for the tortured romance stuff. It's not an X-book for me unless someone's angsting away in a thought bubble during a mission briefing.

  7. So now it's been Ret-conned that Dr. Nemesis, and not Dr. Norton? Will the needless ret-conning bullshit ever end:(

    And I agree, folks please, enough with the nationalistic bullshit please. Can't we all support our respective home-teams w/o needlessly bashing someone else's?

    That's a good part of the reason why there's so much international strife now, especially in the powder keg that is the Middle East.

  8. Yeah I miss that Storm too. The one who'd look Cyclops in the eye and tell him she'll lead her team her way. The one that could take Callisto and Magneto at the same time and still have perfect grammar as she did so. That was Storm.

    Ahh angst - you are both right - what would escapism and reality be without it?

  9. @ Dale, it's that lazy writing thing again. They can't come up with a plausible storyline, so they retcon their way out of it.

    @Dan, Yes! The perfect grammar! Is there anything more frightening and powerful than getting your butt handed to you by a gorgeous storm goddess that can school you on past perfect tense? I don't think so!