Saturday, September 29, 2012

NICK FURRY: The Cat Cosplay Inflicted Post Watching Marvel Movies

Cats, as domesticated as they are, tell you when they are not impressed. Regardless of if said four-legged flea carrier is being carried around by the head thanks to an unknowing but affectionate toddler, or if you happen to be disturbing it's rest, wanting to sit on the couch it has sprawled out across, cats do not have a poker face.

Probably the biggest grievance a feline could be fraught with? Being dressed up as your favourite fictional character and photographed for public consumption. At least unless that character is the consistently unimpressed Nick Fury, Director of S.H.E.I.L.D., then, as this kitty shows, the whole cat cosplay fiasco is totally worth it.

Remember folks, on a cat without dignity a costume means nothing! Follow the kitty home after the jump.


  1. I think even the Hulk would be suitable frightened of this. Before stomping on it.

  2. I always suspected that Nick Fury was a pussy; now its confirmed!

  3. that's awesome i wonder if it was much of a pain in the ass to get that cat into "costume' and get it to hold still after words?

  4. Thanks guys for the comments! My computer died over the last three days and I pretty much lost everything, so has been a bit of a struggle to keep posting and get a new puter sorted. Ironically enough the black cat above crossed my path after the bad luck not before it.

    And obviously before the Hulk too Random!