Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RANDOM WORK OF WOW: Yin Yuming's Hawkman and Hawkgirl

Sometimes you stumble across a portfolio where the artist only has a couple of comic based pieces, other times there can be just one work so brilliant, you'd risk being stoned to death by fellow art lovers for putting something else beside it. These are Random Works of Wow, illustrating the point this week is Yin Yuming and DC's best birds of a feather; Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

Yip, the winged wonders seem to have it this week at IADW, and who can complain? This poster-primed print is better than all the post DC52 Savage Hawkman comics combined and then some!

Star-crossed lovers, pulled apart even when they are together, Yin really nails the tension of the historical couple, while still making them seem as graceful as their namesakes.

 What do you think?  Sound off below or to view more of Yin's sweet, sweet art, click the jump. For more Random Works of Wow, click here.


  1. This is beautiful work. Star-crossed lovers, pulled apart even when their together. Movingly true and dramatic. This is good Dan.

    Over at Shlomo's spot we were talking about Roy's pain. Hawkman has his too, every hero does.

  2. Long being a fan of Hawkman.
    I first got into him in 1978, after several years seeing him in the background at JLA meetings [sounds like I was actually there, not reading the comic!].
    I only really got inot the character thru the superb, sublime Hawkworld mini-series, then the later ongoing series. For me, Katar Hol and Shayera [ I dont like the new Hawkgirl -, Kendra, the one in the above pic - who came along later, who had no romantic connection to him] were second to Reed and Sue Richards for being the best married couple in comics. Those early Gardner Fox stories are just wonderful reads; I was a regular customer at my local comics shop for fifteen years and when it sadly closed down in 1994, the manager [who by then was a close friend] by way of a surprise parting present gave me a large trade paperback of vintage Hawkman appearances, along with a Hawkman/girl action figure set and a book about the Batman 1960s tv show.
    If DC do anything wrong with him/them, its that there is no definitive origin anymore, mired down in endless continuity glithches. This new Liefeld version [dont get me started on what I dislike about Liefeld] dosent fare much better.
    I would dearly love a definitive origin once and for all...Hawkman and Hawkgirl [or Hawkwoman if one likes] deserve so much better than endless rehashes.
    There are few prints around for us Hawk fans to savour so this above print is a nice touch.

  3. I'm with Karl about the rehashing of the origin. I'd love to see someone (Whedon, Strazsinski?) start it off with a bang so big no one dares touch it.

    This is a great picture. Aside from the beautiful renderings of Hawk and the girl, the red backdrop truly makes the rest of it pop.

  4. This is simply gorgeous. It's also a testament to the crying shame of DC's current inability to celebrate everything that is awesome in these characters.

    If I'd seen this image five years ago, I would have begged to include it in the Hawkman Companion.

  5. Thanks for the comments folks - I'm glad it struck all the right notes with you all as it did with me!

    @O.A. That's true mate they sure do. Hawkman with his choppy continuity might need more anti-depression pills then some though!

    @Karl Thanks for sharing all those great insights mate. What an awesome comic store owner and friend! How cool is that gift? I got introduced to Hawkman through two things - Kenner Super Powers and the awesomeness that was the 80's Brave and The Bold series. After that it was simply game over for everyone else. Only Adam Strange rivals my love of Hawkman as best male hero in the DCU, and I'm forever hopeful both will one day get the respect they deserve.

    @Random - I'd like that too - set it in stone once and for all. I'm sure a great mind could really do the franchise wonders. What with all the alien and historical aspects you could play with, you'd have to ask why you wouldn't want too!

    @Doug - Hey mr - good to hear from ya again! It would have been perfect for your book The Hawkman Companion too mate! A lot more suited to that then as my desktop wallpaper where it currently soars! Hopefully with fan art like this it will soon stop being true that the only people who don't know how the Hawks should be handled is DC!

  6. well Dan, i'm glad your malcontent outlook on how writers have handled the Hawkman character hasn't dulled your appreciation for great art in relation to the character. speaking of which what gives mate? i posted a fictitious Checkmate cover a couple of days ago using art work from the best of the best on deviant art. nothing to say?

  7. Add me in there as another voice of objection towards the current attitude @ DC concerning Hawkman and Hawkgirl/woman's mistreatment. Geoff Johns actually made Hakwman's origins make sense again, only for DC to fuck that up again, and then hit the reboot button. And now, as too many of you have pointed out, and I whole-heartedly agree, allowed Liefield to further damage a once promising franchise character. Maybe they should have just shipped him off to Robinson's Earth 2 where no doubt he would've been treated a lot better and with more respect than the shit he's going through now.

    As for when I was first introduced to Hawkman, I guess the Super-Powers cartoon, and then the Super-Friends show later. Remember I was born in the 80's, so the Super-Friends show wasn't even in my awareness until years later. And of course there's the comics....

    Oh, I almost forgot, sweet, sweet art by Yin there. This piece should passed around the offices @ DC, with a big sticky note asking "What the hell happened? and to fix this immediately!"

  8. I'm not even a fan of the Hawks but this is beautiful.
    It is pure movement and harmony. I wouldn't mind being that Hawkgirl there :)

  9. Will check it out right after this Dave - net times been pretty sparse this week!

    Dale I'm kinda worried about what happens when Geoff leaves a book, Wally West, JSA, Hawkman, Booster Gold (granted the later was great with Jurgens and Jimmy had a great stab at Hawkman) but where are these guys now. Makes you worried for his departure from Green Lantern!

    Like the post it note idea - even f it did mask a I was born in the 80's and you weren't dig ;)

    Aliera, I see you more of Hawkwoman then Hawkgirl, but hey, this is IADW - you can be anyone you want!