Saturday, September 15, 2012


She knows eleven ways to kick your butt at any moment and can read your mind as she does it. Now, Marvel may be about to give Psylocke her own title, according to hints CBR found from Marvel Senior Vice President of Sales David Gabriel, talking about Marvel NOW!.

We have some upcoming work by the illustrious Milo Manara -- there’s a stunning 'Psylocke' on the way and another Marvel beauty that will be a bit of a shocker for fans"

As if that wasn't enough, the follow-up comment:
"Stay tuned for some x-citing Marvel news on Monday that'll make Psylocke fans very happy."

Milo's take on Psylocke is on the left. While I hold out hopes the possible series will focus equally on her Hand/Lady Mandarin background as it does the X-props and Captain Britain ties, there is no doubt after a stellar run in Uncanny X-Force, Betsy Braddock's time has come - or make that will come - early next week. Definitely to be continued.

UPDATE: Psylocke will be the focus of a rebooted Uncanny X-Force title, picking up six months after the conclusion of the current sales hit's final moments. Joining her will be Psylocke, Storm, Puck and Spiral, with others set to jump in shortly after. Written by Sam Humphries and illustrated by Ron Garney, Uncanny X-Force #1 lands in January. (Via)


  1. cheesy as this sounds that Milo Manara Psylocke art has me pretty x-cited. i used to have those early Jim Lee X-men issues with Psylocke right after she became an Asian woman that was some good stuff. a good looking Asian chick with a hot body and an English accent, doesn't that just totally give you a boner Dan? Dale if you're reading this i know you won't hesitate to say it does. speaking of cool art Dan i seeing you and Randomnerd fighting for hypothetical custody for that Rob Waters Rom piece makes me glad i posted it on my blog.

  2. Sorry to be pessimistic but I have a feeling this proposed series wont last long. Marvel dony seem very good at propelling their female heroes into prime sellers. The only exception has been the glorious Ms.Marvel but aside from her, their other top heroines - Black Widow and Spiderwoman - have had all the hype going yet their series' still got tanked before they had a chance to get going. Even She-Hulk had become a comedy book to make it last a long time.
    I can only see this as short-term mini-series capitalising on the 'hot sexy chick with a sword' and thats it. Psylocke's never had the grip on me that the likes of Witchblade, Catwoman and other assorted 'bad girls' have had.

  3. You bring up an interesting point Karl, I mean to me Ms Marvel isn't solo series material beyond the fact the name in whatever form relates so strongly to the business. To me if she can get a series that runs for whatever length with a small but enduring fanbase then bigger Marvel mainstays like Widow and Spider-Woman should too. How Widow or Shulkie haven't is a mystery I can't comprehend, but Spider-Woman is an icon character for the company and I feel the only reason her last book failed was that Marvel tied it too closely to a technology they weren't that prepared to master, sinking that book by tying it to that shipping schedule.

    While Rouge would've been my pick of X-Lassies to walk the solo line first, I can see with Gambit having his own title that might have been a harder boat to row.

    I think the success of this book will lie in showing Betsy's ties outside the X-cannon. Then I think people will be quite surprised at how many places her adventures can lead.

  4. Dave, what I like about both these pieces (done by different artists) is the fact they both draw Psylocke as an Asian. It may seem a small thing to some editors it seems but if the roles were reversed and an artist drew Superman as Japanese I'm sure the artist wouldn't get away with it!

    Jim Lee sure did quite a number on Psylocke (actually I think I miss a few other uniforms from his X-Men overhaul too) with the ladies benefiting most from his work. Psylocke went from almost a Longshot/Lorna level character to one of the lines leading ladies.

  5. Stunning work. I'll be looking for MI6 to show up, maybe even reform right in her book.

  6. Now there's another possibility/revival we all want to see! Thanks O.A. - that would be wicked!