Monday, October 08, 2012

BE YOUR OWN THOR: Rain You Can Walk Through And Not Get Wet

It's one of those sci-fi ties that bind, where at some point being caught in the rain, we have looked skyward and focussed our mental energies into telepathically commanding mother nature to stop, as Thor and Storm seem to do on a monthly basis. It never worked for me, and I'm guessing you had similar results. Or at least until now.

Meet the rain room. All set to be the next showstopper at that party you were just planning to invite me to, it is a room of simulated rain, that you can walk through and not get wet. Yup. Dry as a bone while all around you floods. No it's not Asgardian sorcery that gives this invention it's Noah and the Ark feeling, but rather a set of 3D cameras that track your movement and create a dry pocket around you (just don't tell anyone or it will wreck your mystique)!

While it still won't help in an actual storm and words are always cool, here's a vid that shows a better picture of the Thor now inside us all.

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