Wednesday, October 17, 2012

COVER SHOTS: The Best From DC Comics' January 2013 Solicitations

January 2013 sees DC kick off the year by kicking four titles into touch. Grifter, Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Legion Lost and Blue Beetle all get served their final issues. Considering I collected three of those, I might be the best yardstick to go by. Still for my devalued two cents, here are the best covers from DC, set to welcome the New Year in.


The Death Of The Family crossover is looking like yet another smash hit backed by writer Scott Snyder. While Joker's Last Laugh and others have played out the 'Joker Grin On Hero' visual, here it is even stronger thanks to Eddy's skills and the fact that by being Nightwing, Joker could actually be beat Batman!

DC says: After the shocking events of last issue, it didn’t seem like things could get much worse for Nightwing, but when The Joker’s involved that’s never a safe bet! Dick’s past is about to burn down around him – literally!

CLOSE CONTENDERS: (Click to enlarge)

Threshold #1
Kenneth Rocafort

If one DC character broke out over the last few years it was the greedy orange GL, Lafleeze. Now he gets his own story and cover inside this new collection of shorts, also starring a new wave of DC cosmic heroes and another Green Lantern!

He-Man And The Masters of The Universe #6
Dave Wilkins

What do you mean this is only half of a wrap-around cover? What do you mean it is the
 final issue? Arrgh! How can something so sweet, wrapped in so much goodness be over so soon? Hmm MOTU and Snickers share more in common than I thought!

 What do you think?
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  1. I must be one of the rare few who will miss Legion Lost - despite the recalcifed character changes I found it a refreshing alternative to the usual LSH tales. I think what did it was the abrupt ending to the Alastor virus storyline [which wouldnt have stood the test of time, anyway] and the Culling crossover. It didnt help with new writer DeFalco and his over-cliched dialogue.
    I just hope the team returns back to the future an drejoins the regular LSH.

  2. Likewise Karl, for me the crossover with the Titans is where the book turned away from its potential. Timberwolf is my pick of Legionares so hopefully he gets back into the main titles pages before too long!