Thursday, October 11, 2012


My Storm is Mohawk Storm. She was the ultimate force of nature in name and appearance, that acted like one too. Plus it was the 80's - mohawks were everywhere, and no one, no one, gave them more of a charge than Ororo. Now in a sign the weather is changing at Marvel for the better, comes the cover to Uncanny X-Force #1 post Marvel NOW!

Even her glare seems more in-line with Storm's pre-watered down days. Now backed by equally made over allies such as Spiral, Psylocke, and Puck (plus with Bishop looming large), this cover by Olivier Coipel could have just sported a white mohawk giving off sparks, and my wallet still would've shot open just as fast.

Written by Sam Humphries and drawn by the iconic Ron Garney, Uncanny X-Force #1 lands in January.


  1. Very, very interesting cast of characters for that book, particularly Spiral and Puck. I wonder what they're deals are. Glad to see Storm's got her groove back after marriage fell apart or no reason, and the whole AvsX thing. I guess she felt like going all rough and tuff with this X-Force thing.

    And Bishop too? I hope his character can be redeemed since he his unceremonious fall from grace during Messiah X. He's too good guy to be a bad guy you know?

  2. I didnt follow the X-books for several years after the Phoenix Saga and was so surprised when reading Secret Wars in 1984 to see Storm with a mohawk...I just couldnt take to it! It seemed so unlike her, esp with the regal 'do' she used to have before, and assumed she had some kind of breakdown or something, esp as she challenged Prof X for control of the team from Cyke during Secret Wars. The look seemed too extreme for her.
    btw, Dan, Rob Rundle emailed to ask if you still wanted to join the LSH apa. Our next issue is due for collation in a week so if you want a copy, just send a cheque to him, thanks.

  3. Thanks guys! Dale, Spiral is a wicked choice isn't she? I wonder if that means we'll see Bishop vs The Reavers and Psylocke vs Lady Deathstrike anytime soon? As for Puck I'm not sure, but having literally visired hell of late he's an interesting add and anything that showcases how great Alpha Flight is gets a thumbs up with me.

    Karl, All the things you mentioned are pretty much the points I came to love Storm for. In my mind she was already the X-leader of choice (and still is), and I used to love where her vision clashed with Cyke, even after he led X-factor.

    As for the Legion, I'm currently out of town at the moment and this week has just flown. Even though I'm camping and coverage is rough, I'll log in and respond the first chance I get.

    Thanks again people!

  4. I never liked Storm's mohawk phase - overnight she shifts from demure, serene goddess to punky, stabby tough girl? Not convincing.

    But I agree, she's the All-New X-Men's best leader.

    And I hope you do join our wee apa!

  5. Pensol3:49 pm

    Now THAT'S different!

  6. So it has begun. Great! I like the team, I don't know about the Phantom X chic but the rest of the squad I really like.

    Women are wearing new types of mohawks now with a fierce but feminine flare. It's modern and stylish without being bald. I like Storm's sexy toughness but I think the punk rock,heavy metal storm is out dated.

    Even though the XMen can't do without Storm her marrige shouldn't have ended and she should have been a member of T'Challa's new Avengers.

    Great heads up Dan, I'm off to the comicbook store tomorrow.

  7. Omega forgot to mention he likes his women feminine and Beyonce fierce:)

    Thus why Shlomo will never have a chance with him:(

    Ha ha, love you guys, mean it:)

    And yeah, who the hell is that Fantomax chic? Don't tell that SOB got a sex-change off-panel. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

  8. What do anyone knows about fantomex girl? I hope she has a face.
    Storm, is for me the best X-man leader although I think she can lead and still wear a decent hairstyle.
    I was so stressed with the mohawk in the 80-90's and love her long white improbable and unique hair.

  9. The X-Teams are so different than when I stopped reading them, not sure I could get back into this title.

    Who am I kidding. I have a problem and I know it. I'd be back in a heartbeat if we had a local comic shop.

  10. @CDerosby, Ha ha. Hey acceptance is the first step in recovery:)

  11. Heya Craig! yip I think if I had a comic shop in town it would be easier to just pay rent there. my bank manager would hate it, but hey what decision doesnt have at least one naysayer?

    Aliera and Dale im not sure much is known about the latest X-Woman. Could it be someone we already know taking on a new role? If Spiral is in the gang then it could literally be anyone huh?

    OA Storm is the original fierce. I still cant believe Angela Bassett ever turned the role down. Despite being one of the three X-Men I iriginally liked I never saw storm as an Avenger. I felt her dutiesvto mutants, morlocks and Africa left her little time for such a global role, yet every superhero would know she was perfect for it in wisdom and power.