Thursday, October 11, 2012

PUTTING THE 'ACTION' IN ACTION COMICS: Losers Writer Andy Diggle Takes Over Kal-El

Grant Morrison leaving Action Comics was a drop in sales that even blind seeing eye dogs could sense. However DC has pulled a Lex Luthor, by using its cunning smarts to step outside the predicted batch of candidates, and give the reigns of it's historical flagship title to pulp/action based writer Andy Diggle.

The genius behind The Losers and recently a Marvel man only, Andy plans to expand on the 'epic' within the book's pages, bringing the title more into the present, while maintaining the classic supporting cast and nature that makes Superman the super-hero.

Although if this killer cover from Andy's artistic buddy on the series Tony Daniel says anything, it's that the writer seems to be set to give the Kal-El side of the coin more than it's own fair share of time in the sun - and about time too.  What do you think? 


  1. Don't care for the new costume, which of course is most likely temporary, but hey at least it's on my favorite color black, so there's that.

    Diggle on Superman eh? I guess that's not to bad of a choice, although I thought the back-up writer, Sholly something or other might have gotten it. But DC was smart to reign back in a name writer, so we'll see how that works.

    At least the art will be good.

    Hey, did you watch Arrow? and if so did you like it as much as I did?

  2. Im looking forward to Diggle on Superman also; the book is imo feverishly in need of a darker vibe and his raw edge may just do it.
    On a completely separate note, Dynamite Comics are doing a new Battlestar Galactica, with Abnett and Lanning. Sounds intriguing!
    'Arrow' should be seen here in England soon. So looking forward to seeing Huntress and Black Canary at some point, esp as Katie Cassidy [ex 'Supernatural] is playing Dinah.

  3. Hey Dale, I think Diggle should do a pretty good job, although you arent the only one who thought they were grooming Sholly.

    As for Arrow I have it recorded at home as Ive gone bush at the moment (hence being quieter than usual nets pretty limited) but when i get back will be first thing I do!

    Karl I think an edgy Supes tale iz always good, as long as the down home doesnt get lost. Oh aye who woulda thought all it took to get Green Arrow at the tip of everones lips was a TV show? Now if theyll just fix his DC52 title...

  4. Exactly. Since the ratings were super good for the show, hopefully that'll heavily influence the comic to follow suit and be more likeable. I just think ollie was fine the way he was before the reboot, and even before that whole Cry for Justice mess.

    And while this modern supes might be more in line with a darker take,I think in general, leave that shit to Batman or other heroes like that. Superman is light, he's inspiring, and heroic, not emo or dark. And while a lot of people think that makes him boring, maybe, but only because the writers have made it that way, not his fault.

    You went for a walkabout huh? You crazy bugger, wish I could join for a couple of days:)

  5. So is going bush mean going walkabout, then? I thought it, never mind. I thought Id gone bush myself in the past - explains my previous divorces anyway[!]. Think Id have been better off going walkabout.

  6. lol Karl things can often seem like that. Walkabout is the term indigenous Australians yse to define time in the bush as a period of self discovery.. kinda like that dude in 300. Me Im just out here with limited net coverage hoping dingos dont spy me as KFC.

    Dale youd be welcome anytime. Its actually good escaping the city and still taking a few coldies with ya to toast the day, minute, or hour with!

    I actually think Ollie was awesome during Identity Crisis say what you will about the outcome during the plot Ollie was outspoken opinionated and treated as one of the true core members of the League and its conscience, which to me he and his fight for the everyman make him just that.

    As for Clark I completely agree and its not like its hidden is it? Every one has viewed Superman 2 and read the Superman one shot Whatever happened to truth justice and the american way? right?