Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SHIVERS UP YOUR SPINE: God Of War Back Tattoo Proves The Pain Threshold

With the exception of possibly Final Fantasy VII, no game has had more of a fix on me - or scored higher - than the God of War series. Kratos's struggle against the Gods of myth was so twisted and convoluted, it was like it was ripped from Greek legend itself.

Then along comes Russian tattoo artist Roman Kuznetsov, who specialises in working upon guys who are big and scary enough to stomp on you if they catch you staring in their direction, and covering their bodies with stunning skin art, that demands you do anything but.

O, X, O, X - is that the right combination for the finishing combo? Not only would my back hold only a tenth of that at the same scale, I just don't think I have the trust for a back tattoo. I'd want to make sure he wasn't chucking a My Little Pony in there somewhere as a 'Pegasus'. Still when you're built like Kratos like this guy is, even people behind you aren't game enough to pull those kind of moves. Wow, just wow.

Visit Roman's full gallery, right after the jump.

 What do you think? 


  1. Actually, I think I know someone who might get a God of War tattoo only if you stuck My Little Pony in there. And it's a guy. Make of that what you will. But yeah, ouch. Only thing that could have made this better, if at some point on this mural, Kratos was digging into the skin like he has to against the walls of Hades. Maybe on a different part of the body we can see that play out. Like the leg.

  2. You're asking this guy to get a second painful tattoo on one of the softest parts of the body Randim? Yeowch - still I guess you and I won't feel a thing, so what am I sayin? Great idea!

  3. Oh he can suck it up. My first and only tattoo was on my ankle. It hurt, but I didn't scream like a whiny little...well. You know. Actually, my girlfriend, who went after me for her first tattoo, accused me of suppressing my pain so she wouldn't be prepared. I still maintain all you need is a healthy respect of pain, a lot of gum...and having gone through labor three times before hand doesn't hurt either. After that, anything else really seems trite.

  4. Now thats the warning tatt parlours need printed on the door. I havent got any yet but always wanted one!

  5. Your friend's acusation is one of the funniest/outrageous things I've ever read, Random.
    I haven't got any either Dan, only two piercings, and I got fed up with them, after two years, so I'm unsure I'll ever have a little moon some place in my body. Piercings are easier to take off and forget the tiny holes.
    That tatto is amazing! What an artist.

  6. Removable tattoo's Aliera - I like your way of thinking!

  7. Aliera, she was really kidding. I think. She was gritting her teeth pretty hard at the time. And in her defense, her tattoo was three times bigger than mine, and across her shoulder blade. My next one is going in the middle of my shoulder blades, and, while I'm not looking forward to the pain factor, I do see now what people mean by the addicting quality. Even with removable ones, you just keep putting more on.

  8. Yes I could use a removable but it would look diferent don't you think? My eight year old wouldn't mind a removable sleeve. I think he'll want a real one when he grows up.
    If someday I find a removable moon, I'll try it. What will you next tattoo look like Random?