Saturday, October 27, 2012

THE NOT-SO INVINCIBLE IRON MAN: Stained Glass Has Never Looked So Cool

If Spidey is hanging up his webs and Wolverine his claws, there's only one guy to blame; Iron Man. He's the new popular kid in class, despite sitting in the back row unnoticed by many for years. Now he's head boy and folks are even making 'the invincible Iron Man' into not-so invincible stained glass windows. Just like this one by R Evan Daniels;

While the chest piece makes a tempting target for a wayward tennis ball, I think I would invent a repulsor ray just to annihilate whoever smashed this mosaic marvel - especially as it is actually for sale. Daniels hasn't stopped here though. In fact he has stained many Nintendo and fantasy character into life. To see them, follow the jump.


  1. i think some of the panels that are yellow should have been red but that aside i love this. thanks for posting it mate.

  2. Thanks Dave! Glad you liked it!

  3. I agree w/Shlomo, but Daniels did make the current movie suit. Uhhhh, me no likie, but I do likie this mosaic glass pattern.

    I guess someone's finally done it and made science a religion(besides that whole unfortunate Scientology business)

    I wouldn't mind going to Stark church:)

  4. Playboy billionaire church? Hmm where all each weekly service is fully catered on a different island accesible only by private jet? If that's the case I might just have to stick with the window ;)