Sunday, November 11, 2012

BUY THAT MAN A BEER: Paul Levitz On Keith Giffen's Return To Legion Of Super-Heroes

Buy That Man A Beer covers the best quotes on pop culture. Today, after announcing their reunion on Legion of Super-Heroes next February at CBR, existing writer Paul Levitz spoke about Keith Giffen's return...

"We'll be back to changing the technology of the future, the lives (and deaths) of Legionnaires, and connecting to wonderfully obscure pieces of DC mythology. Buckle's a wild ride."

Why the orange highlighter? Simple, one of my biggest pet-peeves in comics (aside from the fact this reunion should be getting more press) is when I pick up an issue of Legion of Super-Heroes and the technology in the background looks no more advanced than it does in Metropolis or the X-Men's underground lair. Boy does it eat at me. 

To see it rectified and mentioned here, along with the facts Giffen rejoins after his sensational art run on O.M.A.C. and that Legion Lost will soon fold as a title, freeing up classic Legionnaires, proves February 2013 will bring sweet justice to the 31st century at last.



    I couldnt be more happier!
    Ive wanted him back in the 31st century for such a long time now and its finally happened. He made the LSH a classic and gave it gravitas and integrity during the 80s. some might say his work is a little off-kilter but to me he creates whole worlds of his own in the future, an entirely separate entity from the rest of the DCU.
    Just love his work.
    And with Mark Waid also...what could be better? OK Waid has gone off the boil with his recent writings for the team [lame Flashpoint refs, a stupid Earth-Man plot and a weak revival of the LSV, plus meandering sub-plots that never go anywhere] but with Giffen back at the helm [he loves ot co-script] Im sure it'll be superb.
    Made my weekend!

  2. And the Fatal Five Karl, can't forget that aspect. The fact the LOSH are about to meet their Crime Syndicate in a big way can't help but up the ante!