Friday, November 30, 2012

DON'T DRINK AND DEATH STAR HONEY: Beer Can Crafted X-Wing Takes To The Skies

Does your wife have that nasty habit of getting drunk on beer and yelling obscenities while you're trying to watch Star Wars, even throwing empties at the screen every time Darth Vader walks on stage? Well now you can turn her vice into something artistic that marries the best of both worlds, just like this beer can X-Wing statue!

Aww, it even comes with a wee R2D2! Sure he skipped on the windshield, but hey, it's still a damn impressive job, and thirsty work too by the looks.

Not only would aluminium X-Wings help the Jedi reduce their carbon (carbonite?) footprint, think of the product placement opportunities this presents! Hopefully Imperial Walkers are next. Aluminium is great and all, but it needs something even greater to crush it. Just sayin'.

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  1. That is cool as fuck Dan! That's some dedication too, not to mention, maybe the fella's got a bad drinking habit too:)

    Too bad it wasn't made out of Foster's huh?

  2. Thanks Dale - thought you'd see the artistry in it! Tui would be a better beer to make anything with - elixir or the Gods that stuff, just orange might not be the most camouflage based colour to fly around the galaxy in!

  3. No kidding, not to mention people would see that and ask "What the hell's a Kaiser?"

  4. kaiser-német sör!mivel az x wing fehérszinű kénytelen voltam egy olyan sört találni ami tiszta fehér(nálunk csak ez van)tamás kánya(én csináltam)