Wednesday, November 07, 2012

FANTASTIC FOUREVER: Art Adams Variant To FF#1 Puts 'Cool' Under Inspection

If one guy can rival Mike Allred's take on Medusa's serpentine curls in the upcoming Marvel NOW! series, FF, it's Art Adams. Not only are the dude's etchings freakishly, yet individually detailed, his run on the original Fantastic Four series, back when he helped introduce the 'new' quartet of Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Ghost Rider), was stunning.

Those issues conjured drool worthy thoughts over the idea of an extended Art run. An idea as this upcoming variant cover proves, is still as worthy of the label of 'awesome sauce' now, as it ever was.

While I still haven't gotten over the name of new character Ms. Thing sounding more like a guest on the Ricki Lake show, due in stores the last week of November, this cover sure pays tribute to the Jack Kirby iconic original, that helped birth modern day Marvel.

 So, what do you think? 


  1. I saw this fine piece on the FF Messageboard the other day and found it absolutely stunning. Adams to me seems far suited to monster comics than super-heroes but I do wish he would take another crack at my favourite foursome; anything involving Monster Isle and the Mole Man would be superb.
    Regarding Ms.Thing, we FF fans have a theory; with the FF away in deep space theyve left the future foundation kiddies in the hands of Medusa, She-Hulk and a dubious Ant-Man who wants revenge on Doom for his daughters death. So the public need reassurance that an FF member is still around - so this new girl could be an imposter [with their permission] impersonating Ben till he comes back, hence the 'performer' word.
    I make a point every New Years Day to make my first issue of the year I read FF issue 1 [I have a complete collection of FF comics!]. When I move house next month Im going to make Matt Fraction's and Allred's issues my first to read in my new place.

  2. Awesome cover, as if anyone can match or almost out-dazzle Allred, it's the illustrious Art Adams.

  3. Thanks guys! Glad you liked it too! I love Medusas jive talkin' I think most. She's one hip, hip queen.