Saturday, November 17, 2012

I AM BAT-BANE! The Mask Mash-Up That Will Probably Inspire The Next Bat-Event

Each Nolan directed Bat movie spun off a line that ate itself into the day-to-day talk of those around you. Your sanctimonious friend constantly jibbed 'it's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you' after Batman Begins, 'Why So Serious? took over the world in The Dark Knight, and 'When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die' was the pick of one man re-enactments for The Dark Knight Rises to those rare few who hadn't seen it in theatres.

Well, one man (or woman) reenacters rejoice! Don't wear out your vocal chords with Bat-growls and whatever Bane's vocal effect can be described as - play both brilliantly, with this all-in-one Bat-Bane mask!

Is this full head, actual latex mask a random act of fan creativity and awesome or a subliminal and convenient posting by the marketing department at DC, teasing who takes up the cowl after current bat-event Death of the Family? Sure the answer's pretty obvious, but as the Joker would say 'It's all about possibilities people!'

 What do you think?  For more shots of this sucker, click the jump!


  1. That's just scary. I mean it. That thing is likely to give me nightmares. Question: Can Bat-Bane break his own back? I want to see that.

  2. Coming in Wave Four from DC52: Bat-Bane Chiropractic! Putting Gotham right one spinal tap at a time! Don't joke - you know it's one of the only ideas left undone ;)

  3. Sadly, if they ever had any of the current good writers leave, Didio just might be tempted to go that route;)

    But otherwise, yeah that mask is fucking sick looking:)

    I want one!
    Who wouldn't want to scare the family pets wearing that thing?;)

  4. Scare the pets - I'd probably scare myself by forgetting I had it on!

  5. I have several thoughts running through my head at that Dan...not the least of which is just how comfortable are you exactly wearing full bodied latex?

  6. Hey as long it has a cool cowl, wicked cape and no bat-nipples on it a-la Batman and Robin, I definitely thing I could handle it for thirty minutes or so!