Thursday, November 29, 2012

NO ULTRON'S PYM! Cambridge University Opens Centre To Prevent Doomsday Robots

Sci-fi may be split as to what will cause the end of the earth - environmental disasters or killer crazed robots, but Cambridge University are not. They are opening 'The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk'. Translated: Determining the probability your microwave will become sentient and attack you in your sleep, as a homage to it's killer robot master, like Marvel's Ultron here;

You want a quote? Fine, don't take my word. Here, unbelievers:

A centre for 'terminator studies', where leading academics will study the threat that robots pose to humanity, is set to open at Cambridge University. Its purpose will be to study the four greatest threats to the human species - artificial intelligence, climate change, nuclear war and rogue biotechnology.

'Rouge biotechnology'. Mind you, if it's taken this long for folks to study the notion of technology going 'rouge', you have to think any truly advanced robot mind would've already calculated this events occurrence by now... Hey, wasn't my microwave on the far bench before??

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  1. That's interesting that the study of rogue tech/robots is just now getting it's own study group going. That idea's been around for a long time, probably going back further than Ismanov.

    The real threats come from the massive push to move everything online, from banking to shopping, to most everything, and putting that many eggs in one basket always spells disaster. So don't worry about Ultron or the Skynet fucking up our lives, a sudden massive surge or crash of all the world's computers will do that all by itself, thus with the Y2K thing was all the rage back in the day.

    This article does remind me of that funny spot at the end of an episode of the Simpsons, where the I-Pods come to live and enslave all of humanity in the future. That's probably not that far off from happening come to think if it, especially considering just how many people, kids included nowadays, all have some form of I-pods, smart phones, etc.

    Good article buddy.

  2. Thanks Dale! I tell ya if you ever need a crystal ball for the future of mankind, it's an episode of the Simpsons. That show will be looked on in history as being the unsung Nostradamus of its time.

    You mark my 'D'oh!' it is.

  3. My microwave can barely heat up my Pot Noodle, never mind plot world domination. I think we're a bit safe for the moment. Mind you, my I-Pad's been eyeing me funny.
    If ol' Ultron ever wanted to turn people into human machines, he/it could use phone apps to download viruses into brains.

  4. That's some amazing Ultron artwork. I think my microwave's smarter than me already.

  5. Thanks Karl - I always marvel at how the Ipod knows exactly what song to play next. Higher intelligence? I think so!

  6. Craig - all the Annihilation series covers were jaw droppers. Who would've thought after Kurt and George's Avengers run, Ultron's next biggest gig would be in space?