Monday, November 05, 2012

OF BATMEN AND JOKERS: The Actors Behind The Icons Over The Years

Forget Lois and Clark, romances aren't what's cool about pop culture - it's the twisted relationships between hero A, and the nefarious no-goodnik that's always crossing their path. Batman and The Joker are not only the prime example of this 'special bond', it's taken many faces and talents to bring pop's baddest 'bromance to light, talents now showcased in an almost seizure inducing series of animated gifs.

Feels like there should be a subliminal message in there somewhere doesn't there? Damn it, I always think of these opportunities after they've passed me by. Still, to save your subliminal sweating the true identities of these various Bruce Wayne's they are;

1. Lewis Wilson (Batman, 1943) 2. Robert Lowery (Batman & Robin, 1949) 3. Adam West (Batman, 1966-1968) 4. Michael Keaton (Batman, Batman Returns, 1989 - 1992) 5. Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm, Justice League, Batman Beyond & Batman video game series 1992 - Current) 6. Val Kilmer (Batman Forever, 1995) 7. George Clooney (Batman & Robin, 1998) 8. Bruce Thomas (Batman Onstar Commercials, Birds Of Prey, 2000-2002) 9. Christian Bale (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, 2005 - 2012)

Now for those happier faces, the Jokers;

While it might just be me wishing there was a Catwoman version to fully round out the picture, the Joker's are as follows;

1. Conrad Veidt (The Man Who Laughs, film, 1928 - inspiration for The Joker) 2. Cesar Romero (Batman, TV series, 1966-1968) 3. Jack Nicholson (Batman, film, 1989) 4. Mark Hamill (Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm, Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker, Birds Of Prey, Batman: Arkham Asylum/Arkham City 1992-2010) 5. Curtis Armstong (Batman OnStar Commercial, 2000) 6. Roger Stoneburner (Birds Of Prey, TV series, 2002 - voice dubbed by Mark Hamill) 7. Andrew Koenig (Batman: Dead End, short film, 2003) 8. Kevin Michael Richardson (The Batman, cartoon, 2004-2008)
9. Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight, film, 2008).

 What do you think?  For my moolah the Joker is too close to call... Mark's voice but Heath's... well everything. As for Bats, its Kevin Conroy all the way. The only voice you can imagine telling Superman to back off - and Kal-El actually listening.


  1. I didn't know Booger from Revenge of the Nerds is a former Joker. That's pretty cool!

  2. I think the Jokers have it Craig. Just looking at the inspiration its all right there!

  3. especially that first one from the very first Batman film. That's Nosferatu creepy and I think it may be my favorite of the bunch from a visual standpoint.

  4. Actualy, I just got very impressed with Conrad Veidt an his "man who laugh"s look. No wonder he was inspiration for the Joker. And they din't had the kind of SXF we have today. Did you look for other pictures? He made for a creeppy character.

  5. He sure did didn't he Aliera, and no offense to him either, but his off screen image looked like you wouldn't want to cross him either!