Thursday, November 15, 2012

ON THE FIVE: Interviewing Me On The Origins Of It's A Dan's World

The Justice League movie. Grant Morrison's Wonder Woman story. A Force Works relaunch. Add to that, a post on the origins of It's A Dan's World and you have four things that have been in the pipeline a hell of a long time (okay, so Force Works isn't even rumoured yet, but hey let me dream)!

Fixing this procrastination, I'm interviewing myself, with five questions about the very site you now rest your eyes on. This ladies and gents, is It’s A Dan’s World: Year One.

1) What the hell possessed you to write a daily blog anyway?

Growing up in small town New Zealand, let alone a country where comics were more then just an 'underground' artform/hobby, I was literally the mutant in a DC world. While everyone knows Batman and Wolveroonie, few knew Ghost Rider or the Teen Titans - and I wanted to share my passion with people that did. I tried online forums, but watching trolls in action isn't that encouraging, so I started my own, aptly named; It's A Dan's World.

See, when you speak to yourself offline it's "the first sign of madness", when you speak to yourself online, it's blogging and perfectly acceptable. Luckily people have now joined in and my sanity is no longer in doubt - at least not for that reason anyway!

2) What was the original idea behind IADW?
A positive place that passed on my addiction to an imaginative and talented medium I truly love. That said I had three ways in which I wanted to do just that, and only the time to do one;

A) A site written as though by a rogue from pop culture's library of evil, focusing on news and posts from the villains perspective only.

B) A site that focused on six b-grade characters/concepts Thursday to Tuesday, and on Wednesday spotlighted a random yet just as cool character from the same row or further back (eg: Death Mondays, Timberwolf Tuesdays, The Thing Thursdays, Force Works Fridays, Adam Strange Saturdays, The Spectre Sundays, and Wednesdays anyone from Deathlok to Cloak and Dagger).

C) A website locked on great comics and their often overlooked illustrators, and the lengths others go to show their 'fan love'. 

Unable to chose between option A or B, C won out by default. My favourite colour being orange, the design set itself.

3) What other fan-sites inspired you?

Crikey! Where do I begin on that one? Firstly, hat has to be tipped to the legendary likes of Rob's Aquaman Shrine, Shag's Once Upon A Geek and Firestorm Fan, Doug's Doom Patrol Blog (My Greatest Adventure 80), as well as TheManWithoutFear, and The Marvel Family. Special mention also to The StoneChat Museum, as that is an awesome Hawkman blog, cut shot (albeit understandably) long before it's time. 

Nowadays, add to that list; Dave's ROM and Suicide Squad blogs, Dale's Mr Morbid's House of Fun, OA's Bronze Tiger website, The Matt Murdock Chronicles, Too Dangerous For A Girl, IronFist Fan and all the other places I haunt/have clicked follow on, to visit when needing inspiration (see sidebar for a few more). These people are positive forces - not just for their chosen characters, but comics as well. It isn't easy being green, let alone blogging, so I thank them all for everything they do in making such great places to escape into! 

4) What is one tip you can pass on to would-be bloggers?

Bank for a rainy day. Be honest of your limits and the time you can commit. Make sure you have posts in the bank, not date specific, that you can use to buy yourself some breathing space should you get sick or just get too busy to post on your selected days. It's a sweet gig, but keep it fun for you!

5) What are Dan's highlights from It's A Dan's World so far?
Interviewing Dan Jurgens was a fan-boy dream-come-true, as was having the equally influential Joe Jusko follow the site. Elaborating on that fact, it's the feedback and support I get by email, followers and comments, as well as all the people I've met over the years through IADW that now stand as friends. I'm not sure CBR's boss is rewarded the same, and it's the one spin-off that truely makes it all worth it - mutants in a DC world or not. Thank you everyone.


  1. Great fun post and thanks for the shout out.

    PS I think you mean 'rogue' not 'rouge'...

  2. So much to comment on, but I did love the back-story to this blog. I enjoy the concept of behind the music, and this one definitely had that feel.

    I liked those previous concepts you were thinking of going into. Those are some really cool ideas and perspective to write blogs from, and maybe one day, if you haven't already, you could probably a post or two from a "guest" villain or hero. Hey, to me that's an original idea:)

    I'll have to rack that interview you did with Dan Jurgens down sometime, but that experience must have been pretty damn cool, so kudos to you for bagging a comic industry pro.

    I'll second Robert and say thanks for the shout-out; God knows the House needs every shout-out/free plug it can get;)

    I must say, in all honesty and trying to be objective, your blog's really is a bright spot on the internet, for one of the reasons you listed, lack of snark and trolling. You don't fall into that trap, and always try to be positive no matter what, even when you're remarking on how bad a certain issue or concept is, you still try to keep it positive and classy, so I commend you on that.

    Also, I must say, I like how you writ about a lot of diverse topics, yet somehow they still all remain connected to comics.

    And how could I forget that one post you did, talking about the super-fan who had his Superman collection stolen, and then somewhat replaced. It's like my man Dan was trying to be a hard-hitting reporter or something, but it was very cool of you to bring that to light, unlike me with my potty humor. So kudos to you man.

    And just for he record, no Damn didn't pay me to say all these nice things, but he did send me a case of Fosters for my troubles;) Not bad, not bad.

    Keep up your usual standard of excellence, and hopefully you took my advice and got some commission or money of all those artists you always highlight;)

  3. Wait, you mean you guys can't hear me when I talk to you without typing?

    I don't know if that makes me feel better, because I know you're not ignoring me, or worse, because I've been talking to myself. ;)

    I loved this. Always nice to know the secret origins of your heroes, Danny-boy. And you are one of mine. And I won't even charge you a case of Fosters for that.

  4. This is a good blog. Ive followed it for a while but only recently got involved; its a fun place!
    Ive occasionally thought about starting my own blog but the thought of all those trolls out there just puts me off, really.
    Thanks for sharing how you put the idea of this blog together; one thing that continues to delight me is that of all the numerous sites and blogs on the good ol' internet devoted to this, that and the other [!] which are nothing but snide and sarcastic comments and never-ending criticism, comic-book blogs are [generally] full of praise, written and created by lovers of such. In an age when comics are increasingly under critisicm, many are now covering vintage books instead, in a bid to hark back to the past. Nowt wrong with that, as I love seeing old covers from yesteryear. What drew me to your site was the splendid pictures and fine drawings/posters pf the characters I adore.
    Keep it up [the good work, that is!].

  5. Thanks for all the great comments folks - I wanted to leave this post up for a few days, as to me it is pretty important for the site, so I'm glad you all liked reading it!

    @Robert Thanks for that - Rogue is one of those words my two typing fingers never get right. I usually try and catch them all before hitting post, but my spider-web obviously still has a few holes in it.

    @Dave You are welcome mr. And to tell you the truth, I still think of doing that 'From the point of evil blog' constantly - I mean the heroes get all the press - what's with that?!

    Glad you like the positivity and diversity too. That's just the way I think to be honest. My attention span is as long as Ant Man's little finger some times, so the diversity keeps me interested.

    Thanks for the feedback and what?... Only empties arrived in your pack of Fosters?? Damn global postal service! They are a thieving bunch!

    @Random I think I can Random - blogging connects you to all your readers in a way that puts Jean Grey to shame. Let me guess.... right now you're thinking which Legion member Neil Gaiman's Death would come for out of all of them and how Tim Burton should be the one man denied the movie rights! Am I close?

    Thanks for the kind words and all your support! I'll be singing Danny Boy for an hour now so thanks for that too :)

    @Karl Awesome to have you in the mix too mate! Yes the current comics industry has seen a few bloggers switch and sadly some even stop (Comics Make Me Happy one of the ironically saddest victims of this - any site dedicated to the likes of Martian Manhunter, The Question and Adam Strange should never close!)

    IADW has had a few trolls in its time and commentators who left posts actually attacking other commentators or their opinions and not the issue being discussed, but I dont offer warning shots for that behaviour, there are other places out there for that - I just straight delete the comment outright. No one who comments here should have to worry about that kinda stupid and won't while I'm behind the 'delete button'.

  6. Sure did. I wonder who let that happen;)


  7. sorry i'm a little late to this party mate i've been pretty busy of late between my long work hours and with certain recent political events that have my attention. thanks for the plug i'm glad you regard me as positive. i don't think everybody feels that way about my internet activities :)