Monday, November 26, 2012

QUICK QUIZ: How Many Fans Make A Voltron Cosplay That Actually Assembles?

Yup, maths on a Monday morning folks. Still if you answered 'five' without the aid of an abacus (which is like the Google calculation app for folks over 33) you are bang-on! What's more the Voltron cosplay in question, engineered and created by Crazy Ray, actually works as five separate costume piece lions, and unites into forming one giant Voltron cosplay, just like the character did in all those 80's cartoon flashbacks you are having right now.

Think you assemble better? Eat this 'Avengers'!

Not only is that redefining 'awesome' with each second, if the room spun to find an opposing team made into the Decepticon Devastator, it would be this fan's dream 'toon robot showdown.

 What do you think?  For an amazingly detailed step-by-step creation diary, photos and trials, visit Crazy Ray online, right after the jump.


  1. that's pretty cool. it reminds me of this transforming cosplay video by the way mate thanks for the comments on the Rom and SS blogs. looks like you were ahead of me on the "M" and Waller similarities. as for getting your slippers mixed up wait until you start pushing 40.

  2. That is one of the coolest geeky things I've ever seen done with a costume. Or with teamwork. You really have to like your mates to go along with that, though.

  3. That has to be the coolest thing I've ever seen in cosplay. AND I love Voltron. Just total win.

  4. Cool beans. This is good stuff.

  5. Thanks folks - glad it was such a firm favourite with you all too. Speaking of which - you really got to make sure you have the right guys as your feet don't you. I mean emo yellow and blue lions just ain't gonna hold up. But that's where having females for the arms comes in handy. If there is one thing ladies seem to know it's how to pick decent shoes.