Sunday, November 18, 2012

THERE ARE NO WORDS: The Custom Batman Reverse Trike Has Teeth (Video)

If every letter being written right now that started with 'Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a new bike' went up in flames, tears would be heard across the globe. However, should said young'un or young'un at heart see this vid of Lane's Custom Choppers stealth Batman-ish ride, the tears would dry, and smiles would be had over the opportunity to ask Saint Nick, for ride with a bit more bite.

Be in quick folks, Santa's sleigh can only hold so many!

 What do you think? 


  1. I want one! With that and the bat-bane mask, I or anyone else would be set to protect Gotham or anywhere actually. Well that and years of actual training, detective skills, hot female burglars to snuggle with, etc.;)

    Very, very cool work by Lane Customs.

    I surprised every major country's military doesn't rock these. Terrorism would shit it pants if it saw that and the drivers all in bat-bane masks coming their way.

  2. youre right there Dale but the main question everyone wants to know - does it have a cup holder? Running down criminals is thirsty work (non alcoholic while drivin of course)!

  3. Ha, yeah you're right. I imagine it would, as well as an Ipod charger, mp3/Cd player, and anything else you can think of for entertainment; as if running down people isn't entertainment enough:)

  4. Damn! Now this is a custom job. It reminds me of Darklon's Evader. I want one of those too.