Friday, November 02, 2012

WHERE'S MY CYBER-CYCLE? TRON Hockey Helmet Enters The Playing Field

If you're going to spend your 'recreation time' playing Hockey and face a puck hurtling towards you at frantic speeds, you're going to want something that ensures if struck, your teeth stay in your head. One such fan has taken a cue from the ultimate game - the world of TRON, and re-done a hockey helmet in-line with the look of the iconic film.

Now that to me looks like it could stop one of the films TRON-Frisbee's let alone any meagre ol' hockey puck! Mind you if Santa saw fit to drop one in my stocking, I think I'd even walk around with it on all day long with a shirt that read 'Jealous Much?'. I know the answer would be 'yes' - and so do you.

 What Do You Think?  For more 'TRON-hockey one! TRON hockey two!' shots, visit Baron Graphics after the jump!


  1. This is just bringing back all those dreams I had as a girl of being the first truly famous female goalie in the NHL.

    And by famous, I mean really good. Not just on the team. I want endorsements. I want someone building me my own cybercycle to go with the helmet. Dang. That thing is too cool.

  2. Hockey players get all the cool gear Random, although I have to say my running sneajs are pretty wicked. No TRON light up parts to look down at, but thats a blessing or I'd be running into lamp posts every five steps!

  3. I've actually seen that happen with little kids and their light up shoes, Dan. It's probably a good thing I don't have them on mine. Although it would make it pretty hard for cars to hit you, especially if you had the complete TRON themed running suit.

  4. The ultimate night time safety suit! Hey I'm sure Disneys already well onto it... after all the Star Wars buying and the Death Star building that is....