Tuesday, December 18, 2012

COVER SHOTS: The Best From IDW Publishings March 2013 Solicitations

The series that turned me into a comics-lifer is finally getting the IDW Artists Edition treatment. John Byrne's Fantastic Four. Still, there is more to IDW in March than John Byrne's Fantastic Four Artists Edition alright, so can we just let the fact there is a John Byrne's Fantastic Four Artists Edition go? Please? Jeez. You can really stick on some things can't you? Of all their solicitations for the March (John Byrne's Fantastic Four Artists Edition and non) these are the best covers;


If the interiors are as good as these covers, the upcoming G.I. Joe relaunch may just be a relaunch worth a relaunch buzz (and don't we all know that that is rare when that happens).

IDW says: Homefront! The G.I. Joe team battles Cobra to the death on American soil! COVER GIRL, DOC, and the newest member, Hashtag have been separated from the rest and have to fight their way through hundreds of kill-crazy Cobra sympathizers--with a teammate's life hanging in the balance! Plus: The Baroness has Duke in her clutches. So why isn't Destro happy about that?

CLOSE CONTENDERS: (Click to enlarge)

John Byrne's Fantastic Four Artists Edition
John Byrne

Hey who knew this was here? A John Byrne's Fantastic Four Artists Edition - how 'bout that? 160 pages reprinted from the inked artwork of one of the seminal runs in comics, at original size. Black and White imagination in art has rarely looked better.

Transformers Robots In Disguise #15
Casey Coller

That Megatron. Maybe he's just misunderstood and strangling folks  is just his coping mechanism or way of saying 'I (heart) you'. Then you take the fact he has tried to destroy the earth multiple times and you think 'Hey, maybe not'. I can admit when I'm wrong - don't you believe otherwise.

 What do you think?  Sound off below. For March 2013 solicits from other publishers click here, or for IDW's full March line-up, follow the jump!


  1. Holy Cannoli! There's a John Byrne's FF Artists Edition?! Who knew? ;) Seriously, though. I will have to buy that. Not for me. For my brother. Who when he was a wee lad scraped together all his money and bought every single issue of John Byrne's seminal run in the Fantastic Four. And then very kindly let me sit at the desk in his room and read them. One at a time. After I'd washed my hands.
    Really digging the G.I.Joe cover too, and I haven't liked G.I.Joe since waaay back in the day. Although I loved it then. Dave knows.

  2. Yeah that Fantastic Four artists edition rally surprised me till I read it just then too! That was a magic run. My personal fav issue the split one of Thing finding Johnny with his girlfriend and Reed, Dr Strange, Sue and Franklin vs Mephisto.

  3. that Optimus & Grimlock rendering looks even more awesome when you magnify it.

  4. With the back half featuring Megatron Dave, the whole wraparound cover only gets meaner when seen in full.