Thursday, December 27, 2012

EVOLUTION OF THE SPECIES: The Batman Marketing Icon From Then To Now

The ultimate gag for a psychologist? Getting this poster and asking clients 'What do you see?' Just don't be surprised if the predicted answer of 'Bat, bat, bat...' gets replaced with anger outbursts based on repressed memories, such as 'bat-suit nipples' and the cancellation of Batman Beyond (takes a deep breath, calms and centers).

To get your hands on a copy of this trip through comic time (or just to ask what the hell happened to the classic bat-shape with 'Batman' across it) click the jump.


  1. Pensol1:47 pm

    It occurs to me that 1,000 years from now a person will be able to draw the bat-symbol - or Superman's "S" for that matter - and most anyone looking will know immediately what it means.

    Meanwhile, I want that pic as a poster on my wall.

  2. @Pensol: Exactly. Aren't comics great?:)

    And one of those bat-symbols will be my next tattoo for the new year. Count on it!

  3. my favorite Batman logo:

  4. I completely agree Pensol!

    That is a pretty cool version Dave. Makes me wonder how many variants there can be. Guess DC trademarking offices only know that answer.

    Dale, you might be the guy in the chair after me. I'm looking at getting one this year too. Not exactly 100% on the design just yet though!

  5. Brom the beguinning there were some very interestingly graphic Batman simbols.

  6. I'm thinking 1000 years from now, the reigning culture will probably consider Batman, Captain America, Darth Vader, and Optimus Prime as part of our pantheon of Gods. I've often thought that we don't give the Greeks and Romans enough credit, and that Hercules, Perseus, etc... were their version of our comic book heroes, nothing more.