Wednesday, December 12, 2012

FIST TO THE FLOOR: The Man Of Steel Trailer Takes Flight

Awesome. Wicked. Cool. I mean what can you say about the new Man of Steel trailer. It's Superman. No, it actually is Superman.


  1. Looks EPIC!!! But then again... it might just be a great trailer...

  2. DAMN that looks great! thanks for posting that Dan. by the way check your email.

  3. Oh I hope it's not just a great trailer. Because it's a truly great trailer. I got goosebumps. I made the eeping sound. I might have cried a tiny bit.
    Oh I hope it's good movie.

  4. Cracked up about @Randomnerd possibly getting a bit weepy:)

    But yeah I saw that trailer yesterday, and much like the first preview I saw while in theaters for The DKR, this movie looks all shades of awesome. Definitely want to see it now.

  5. Thanks for all the comments folks! I love that fist to the ground shot so much its on repeat in my mind. Next thought down from that: boy is that alot of cape. Even Spawn would get jealous!

  6. @Dale I am not ashamed at being emotional at the thought of FINALLY having a good Superman movie on the big screen. One that I don't think is just "all right" but one I want to actually stand up and cheer for.

    Like I did at the end of the first Spiderman movie. I really want that for a DC movie. And as much as I love Nolan's Batman, I've never felt inclined to stand up and cheer at the end of one of those movies.

  7. @Random, well that's because Nolan's Batman movies, are/were dark and slightly depressing even when they were trying to be hopeful. Still damn good movies though, and fits with the theme of a dark character like Batman.

    But I really hope this Superman movie is just as good, if not as great, as the very 1st one w/Christopher Reeves. It's a shame the last one wasn't quite at that level despite not being as bad as some people make it out to be. Although I will agree the whole "super-kid" thing did fuck things up a bit.

    @Dan, yeah I hear you; That'a fucking huge/long-ass cape!

  8. I agree Dale, I actually thought Brandon did a great job as Clark. Just the whole Super Kid thing and the spying on Lois in her house like a pervert didn't go down to well. Plus environmental disaster so Lex could reap property benefits had been done before in Reeves day, so it kind of had you pay to see it all done again, albeit in a modern way.

    Still not too bad of a movie those things aside.

    Random, you wanna know the movie I wanted to cheer for? Blade. Seriously - Hollywood taking a punt on a c row character and turning him out so well just made me all swell up with festive cheer.

  9. Dan, you are totally right. And I did love Blade. I stand completely corrected on that score.

    I agree that the last Superman movie wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be. I enjoyed watching it. I enjoyed the nods it made to the Reeves films. And Brandon was a good Superman. Where is suffered as far as script goes I think is obvious, so I'll let that lie, but my kids still watch it, and like it, so that's okay. But it's not in the heavy rotation like the first two Spiderman movies are. And it doesn't make my boy want to BE Superman. I guess maybe that's what I'm looking for. Something to tie that into to the comic for him and myself. Something to make him stand up and say "Yeah. That's the hero I know." And fist pump that a movie studio got it right. With no equivocations.